Daily food intake

Based on what we observed on our most recent trip to Chad, Jeremiah and Eric will try to closely match the daily rations of a Darfur refugee.

RationCracked Wheat – Daily, 7 oz. (weight not volume) (686 Calories)
Farina Wheat Cereal – Daily – 1.17 oz  (weight not volume) (123 Calories)
Yellow Split Peas – Daily 1/6 Cup (82 Calories)
– Daily 2.4 TSPNs (96 Calories)
Sugar – Daily 2 TSPNs (30 Calories)
Salt – Daily 1/10 Teaspoon per day.

Total of 1,017 Calories


James Thacher

James is i-ACT’s web and graphic designer and main video editor. As a full-time staff member, he also does a little bit of everything to keep all the projects running.



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