Day 9: Aug 9, 2008

Per person per day

 .04 cups sugar = 31
.07lbs cereal = 116
.05 cups oil = 96
.17 cups yellow split peas = 114
.47lbs grain = 660

Total: 1017

salt distributors .JPG1017 calories per day is what a person at camp Oure Cassoni gets. They get that, if they do not share with other refugees that are not registered yet, but they do share, and if they don’t trade some of it to get needed goods at the market, but they do trade.

They did not get soap for this month, so they will have to trade some of their food for that. In the days before the food distribution, we walked the camp and went in to homes randomly and at different times of the day. Not once did we walk in to a home where there was someone eating.

It is not the World Food Program’s fault that people are not eating enough. They have been hit hard by the world’s food crisis and as hard by violence against their drivers and staff. Since December 07, 79 WFP trucks have been hijacked, 39 drivers are unaccounted for, and 2 confirmed dead. These numbers barely make the news.

Each person we meet in the camps is a complete being, just like you. Each day that they live they have the right to live it fully. Somehow, it all just doesn’t add up.


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Through the efforts of many but especially Vicki and Greg, we have raised another $2,000 for Darfur. Will be meeting Monday night to decide where to send it. You and KatieJay are on the scene and from the sounds of today’s reports, food seems to be the greatest need right now. Almost $300 was raised for relief of hunger. What is your recommendation for the rest? Should we continue to donate for the secondary school or is it more important to donate to the World Food Program? Let me know and I will share your opinion at the meeting. Thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and with the people of Darfur. As one who worked with children for all of his professional life, your reports on the youngsters are especially poignant. Marv

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