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Gabriel Answering Comments—Jan 14

Hey Teresa!

Yeah, I do go up and down a lot; it’s not all bad, but being so involved at this very personal level I get to see positive results of action and the negative results of inaction. Around the US, I have seen how lives, especially young ones, have been changed by being exposed to the lives of others just like them but in such different circumstances. I’ve met young high schools students that had no idea what they were going to do with their lives and now, after getting involved in the Darfur cause, they will go in to human rights, politics, or humanitarian work. In the camps I will be visiting, I will get to again see people that are waiting for help. They are surviving and they are living, but they want more, and they want to return home. I know that things don’t happen like in the movies, but I would just love to get to the day when we can all celebrate together—one big party in a protected, free Darfur village.


What you are doing is exactly what is needed, people telling everyone around them about Darfur and about how it is our responsibility to do something about it. We are so lucky to have you onboard as a part of the SGN/i-ACT Team. You are tireless! Thank you for all that you do, and I’m sure you’ll make a great i-ACT Team-on-the-Ground member soon.

Hey Connie!

I saw your comment, responding to some posts about “the movement” and whether some approaches work or get in the way of helping. I completely agree with you. We can be frustrated about what others are trying to do, but we can also decide to ACT and not be paralyzed by frustration. It is all about HUMANITY before Politics. If we focus on what is best for the very real people that are still suffering, then there are many approaches to finding a solution and contributing. There is only one right way to do things. We have to get creative and active. Connie, I’m sitting here where you, Yuen-Lin, and I had some omelets. I miss you guys out here, but I know you’ll be back to visit our friends.

To all the Scotts,

Thank you for coming along with KTJ on this journey. As you already know so well, KTJ is pretty incredible. Her kind of dedication is hard to find, and she matches it with her beautiful heart. We really appreciate that you’ll be participating in i-ACT. As I’ve mentioned so many times in previous trips, family is at the core of what i-ACT does. We bring our families with us and get to meet the families of survivors and then just bring it all together to make one big family. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you!

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hi gabriel – i hope your travels are safe and productive. to you and the whole team: may you find good signs of hope and progress, new allies, new ways to contribute.

i wonder, were you able to connect with the school group in canada and bring some of their tiles along?

peace, and keep strong.


Hola Gabe and Katie-Jay,
Good to hear from you! thanks for the e-mail and the update today. Look forward to watching your journey, and participating in I-ACT daily things to do! Be well, be safe and best to you and Katie-Jay, when you get back some soccer on the beach!


Tiffany has been working like a dog and enjoys every minute of it…when she buys into something, she usually gives 150%. I know what you are doing will help change the world and those most in need in Darfur. I pray that you are safe and this trip is meaningful and ‘vaya con Dios’ as I tell Tiff as she travels through her live travels…Love, Maureen

Goodmorning KTJ and those you are with. I am wondering what it looks like when you wake up this morning. We are planning a party when you return, Cristie and I are flying in for the weekend of Feb. 9, is this date still O.K. with you. Love you much. Grammie

Dear KTJ and Gabriel,
Thanks for extending our family into the refugee camps, and bringing them home to us through your messages.
Spread the Love,

Dear Gabriel,
Can’t believe how far you’ve taken SGN. I’m so proud of you and miss “hanging out” with you in our old neighborhood. Travel safely and hug the children for me. When you get back we need to set aside some time to catch up. Peace and Play, Cyn

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