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Gabriel Answering Comments—Jan 14 (part 2)

Hello Lars!

It’s great to see your name and comment. I still feel so attached to our family and miss everyone a lot. We are definitely coming with the intention of deepening our relationships and making these relationships count now. There are so many people that want to help! We want to go beyond on-the-surface meetings of people and create mutually beneficial connections. I’m sorry, but I did not get any further word from the tiles in Canada. We are coming back soon, though, and I would love to help facilitate the peace tile connection. Let’s stay in touch!

Hola Gabo, Mimi, mi Zahas, e Irais!

:) Asta ahorita todo bien. Vamos a estar otro dia en N’Djamena y nos vamos para Abeche el Miercoles. Primero vamos al norte a un campamento cerca de el pueblito llamado Guereda. No vemos a la Hermosa Leila asta mas tarde en el viaje. Dile a Gabo que tengo sus regalos conmigo y que voy a encontrarle mas amigos en los otros campamento que vamos a visitar. Ya los extrano mucho pero es bien bonito ver que nos siguen. Irais, sigue entrenando porque nomas que regresemos Zahara y yo les vamos a dar una revolcada a ti y a KTJ en nuestro futbol de playa! Abrazos.

Hi Maureen aka T’s mom,

First, thank you so much for your daughter! She means so much to the team. Before leaving, she sent me a gift. It’s a bracelet that has a quote on it that says “We don’t only do this for these kids; we do it for our own.” She told me in a card that came with the bracelet that it’s something I said on the first i-ACT in 2005. I’m wearing that bracelet right now. It is so cool how she picked that quote because I so much believe that what we are doing is for my children. They should not grow up in a world that allows genocide. It should not be a matter of luck which children are meant to live a full life or meant to live a life of suffering, horrors, and even early death. Thank you for being supportive of what Tiffany has chosen to do; it will have an impact in so many lives.

Hey Nel:

Thank you for your note, and please stay with us.

Hey JC!

Thanks for always being with us on these trips and same for Gina and all your family. On this one, besides going to the camps, I’m looking forward to finding a nice hill to run up to. I’ve done it in previous trips, and the reward is amazing, just as it was when we’d go up our “cerro” in Monterrey. We’ll be in touch. Saludos to all the familia!

Hi Kathleen aka KTJ’s mom!

It has been so nice to have you and KTJ become “familia” and now extent our big family, which includes all SGN team and so many others we’ve met through this work, to include the beautiful people we meet at the camps. Thank you for being behind your daughter offering all of your support. I know she’s a pain at times, but she really appreciates and loves you :)

My dear Cynthia!

You are very much loved, and you are also a big reason for why I’m out here doing what I’m doing. From my beginning on, I saw you as a role model and the prototype for the person that decides to act and not let obstacles stop you. Yes, let’s get together very soon. I have not been to Atlanta since I was just a baby, so it’s time. We can find a university or high school or your back yard, and we’ll set up Camp Darfur and maybe even smuggle in S’mores!

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Hey Gabe :)

Just started a new thread on Ned (Crisis in Sudan – 2008) and posted the i-ACT 2008 info.

Stay safe, strong and brilliant, baby!!

with love and admiration now and always,

Gayle xxxxx

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