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KTJ answering comments – Jan 14

Hey Mom!
Last July when we were at the family reunion and Connie, Yuen-Lin and Gabriel were bringing us i-ACT, I remember sitting with you and watching the videos and posting comments to the field team. Now our family will be united with those of Leila, Mansur, Ahmet, and the women of Darfur that SGN has connected with so many times now. Thank you for all your support (and prayers to baby Jesus) in this journey. I know you have the power to connect your community of SoCal with the communities we will meet in the coming days.

Greetings Maureen!
Thank you so much for your support not only us but for your daughter! She has been an amazing addition to the team, and all since we all met in DC for the torch relay. Much of the energy and courage she has must come from you. We look forward to passing this energy on to those we meet in the coming weeks.

Dear Grammie!
Love you forever, like you for always. The sun was bright through the curtains as we quickly gathered our belongings for the trip to UNHCR. Once outside many shades of brown – the ground, the walls enclosing structures, the structures themselves, it almost seemed as if the green leaves of trees were lightly dusted with sand. But many smiles and shouts across the street as we drove down one of the primary arteries of the city – the morning bustle was like many other cities the world around. I wrote more in today’s journal about the sites and smells that I experienced today!

The 9th works great for a party – perhaps in Newport on the beach?! Then Gabriel’s family could make it also.

– The ultimate soccer match goes down on the 9th for a pre-birthday party before I return to Portland. And, don’t worry you don’t need to go easy on my ‘cuz its my birthday…I don’t need that to win! Thanks Gabo and Irais for the greetings. Please give Gabo a (gentle) wrestle to the ground for me! Teresa and Connie, thank you for your dedication and commitment to not only Gabriel and SGN, but to the people of Darfur. Connie, they will surely ask about your when we are in Farchana – I will be sure to give Leila a hug from you.

Thanks, Nell! For the support back when we first met in New York and now today as we take this journey back to the camps. It’s great to know that we have community members like you with us all the way.

To my teammate Tiffany!
Thank you for all your support and encouragement since we met in Idaho almost 5 months ago now. You have added so much to our team including your great sense of humor, laughter and now Cory!  Thank you for spreading the word and encouraging others to get involved, although Mark never did buy that t-shirt! Hopefully my journal from today will give you a better idea of what it looks like here in the capital.

To my ‘cuz Isaac!
Thanks for all your support with the family. I, too, had a difficult conversation with Bob before I left. I do, however, know the family ultimately supports me in this journey and I hope some of them join, as you have! You know me well enough to know that fear and power, the very crux of why Darfurians are living in Chad, would not sway me from my passion. Thanks cousin!

Peace and luv from N’Djamena, KTJ

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Hi Gabriel and KTJ,

I am so eager to hear about all the people that we have met during the i-ACT journeys. I feel that they are a part of who I am now. I think back on the trips and I remember Ahmat from i-ACT 1. I immediately fell in love with his energy and willingness to live a happy and productive life. I also think about all the things he could accomplish, if only given the chance. I also wonder about Mouna, whom we met on Day 6 of i-ACT 2. She was so sick when you introduced us to her :( And of course, I can’t wait to see Leila and Manzur from your last trip. I wonder how Manzur will react when he sees the T-Shirts and hoodies with his drawing on it. Wow, what a moment, that will be magic!!!

I just can’t believe that this is i-ACT 4 (trip 4!!!) and things have not changed or improved in any way shape or form. When will enough be enough? How long will take? How many lives? It’s really up to us… We need to work together… Let’s us all make a commitment to STAND UP and be the voices for all the beautiful friends we’ve made along the i-ACT journeys.

Peace, Love, and Happiness,

Rachel (Torrance, CA)

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