i-ACT Rhythm and Hope

Help us bring Rhythm & Hope to the camps!

Help spread the idea of i-ACT RHYTHM & HOPE! We are looking for an artist to join us on the inaugural i-ACT R&H – contact i-actinfo[at] if you want to get involved!

The Project and Objectivesali_drumming_w_girl_sm.jpg
i-ACT’s RHYTHM & HOPE team members will be in four target refugee camps over at least a 10 day period providing communities with several concerts, including the possibility of live video concerts. This is the first of many RHYTHM & HOPE tours that will continue to bring artists to the camps until Darfurians can return to a safe Darfur. i-ACT RHYTHM & HOPE seeks to create a larger community impact and deepen the commitment of artists and activists to end the genocide in Darfur. i-ACT is successful in creating relationships between those affected by the violence and those who have the ability to help. RHYTHM & HOPE will expand the community who will help by building personal relationships between a known musician, their fans, and the people who have survived genocide.

darfuri_guitar.jpg➢ Increase participation by the artist community and their fans in awareness and action to end the violence.

➢ Raise awareness about i-ACT Forward: Building a Stronger Darfur schools project to bring secondary schools to the camps in Chad.

➢ Create substantial media materials for Darfur activists to use to engage their communities in urgent action.

➢ Facilitate personal and lasting relationships through music, song and hope.

➢ Link national campaigns and grassroots groups across the globe to push for an international campaign of action.


The Impactdancers_at_celebration.jpg

Community to community connection facilitates increased awareness and activism around any situation. i-ACT seeks to make this personalized connection by putting a face on the numbers of those affected by the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. i-ACT citizen journalism deepens and strengthens this connection by linking the friends and families of team members with the refugees through each members’ personal experience. By expanding i-ACT from everyday individuals to the larger musician and artist community, more global citizens will increasingly form relationships and grow to know those affected by the violence. Our interactive blog allows community members to be active in forming relationships with the field team, each other and ultimately to refugees. From these relationships grassroots activism and increased global connectivity will foster the evolution from national campaigns to an international movement to stop the killing, rape and brutal displacement of Darfurians.

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