Day 10: July 19, 2007

Gabriel’s Day 10 Journal

What’s next? For us, the on-the-ground i-ACT team, we start our jumps back our normal reality.  This morning, we got in a small plane back to Abeche, the biggest little town in the east.  Tomorrow, we get in a slightly bigger plane back to N’Djamena, the capital of Chad.  A couple of days later, we get on an Air France jet to Paris and then Los Angeles, home (YL still has to get to SF area).

For the refugees, they wake up to another day at the camp.

It has not gotten any easier for me.  It is my third trip, and I am actually even more moved emotionally this time than the first or second journey to the camps.  It must be because each time I feel a stronger connection to the people I meet.

It is not about feeling sorry for them.  It is about feeling one with them.  They are us.

Please stay with us, as we return home.  We promise to keep you in contact with the people you’ve met through the videos and the pictures from the camps.  We want to help facilitate the creation of true community, and I know that it will be a win-win situation.

I have to sleep of a while.  Our plane leaves early tomorrow morning, and there is still some packing to do.  I will answer your comments and questions from N’D.  I look forward to working next to you with increased energy.


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Hi Papi and Connie,
I cant believe this is the last day of i-act 3.Even if its the last day of i-act it isnt the last day of doing actions to help stop this genocide.See you guys soon…

Hi, Gabriel!

Y’all did astounding work with the refugees in the camps and in talking with all NGO/host personnel, too. Although you had to cast off a few gifts you intended to take in with you, there seems to be even more you’re taking home with you in spirit and gratitude and renewed commitment to these friends caught up in chaos they can’t control. Thanks for sharing the journey with us and allowing us to be more connected to those at the heart of our prayers and concern. We’re looking forward to continuing i-ACTivism and working with you to bring Camp Darfur to San Antonio. God’s blessings be with all of you for a safe return home, and prayers for the same in the future for all these refugees.

Paz y rezos,


Hi Gabriel, Connie, and Yuen-Lin,

What a journey! You guys really brought it home!!!

I’m extremely delighted that you were able to talk to the grandmother of Ahmat. I have wondered about him so many times. I hope that he is safe.

Looking forward to your return to continue working on getting the Darfuri home.

Peace, Love, and Happiness


Hi guys,
You have done a fantastic job !!! The past ten days have been very emotionally moving. I’m sure the people of Darfur feel the same as you Gabriel, you are a real friend to them. Have a safe journey home.

I felt privileged these past 10 days to have the opportunity to follow your journeys and “connect” with all the people you introduced to us and who have put a face to all the other thousands of refugees who long to return to their home DARFUR. I think the question you present to the presidential candidates is one we must all ask ourselves as well “what ACTION do WE commit to?”. The road ahead is the challenge but I feel encouraged and motivated by the three of you and by all the others that have participated and followed you these 10 days.
See you back soon.


I-ACT estuvo increible. Esperemos que mas gente como nosotros sienta coneccion por las gentes que conocimos atravez de ustedes. Gracias, Gabriel, Connie, and Yuen-Lin, por todo el trabajo.


Hello Gabriel and company – Wow, again like last year, a truly wonderful job in sharing with us back in the US about the lives and challenges of those in the camps. Each day I learn something new and better grasp the story of those you have visited. I hope I can convey much of this to my students next year, as I attempted to do this past year. The footage, narration, and journal entries are excellent ways to help the rest of us become more educated. This should be required viewing for all potential government leaders around the world.
Great job and safe travels homeward.

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