Day 10: July 19, 2007

My fault :)

Hey everyone. Day 10 was late in going up. We had a full day at the camp, and we then had two conference calls, one with the SDC and their Torch Relay campaign and the other with 20 Women for Darfur. I then spent some time with our wonderful hosts, Hala and Jorge from UNHCR.

I started working on editing the video later than usual, but could not stay up long enough. Instead, I set my alarm and got up at 4am. We had so many hours of video, which downloads on real-time, that we had to head out to catch the plane before I could finish editing. With the time-difference, I still had more than enough time to finish editing and upload the video upon my arrival in Abeche. We rode out with the armed escort, which still does not make me feel that comfortable, and sat by the desert runway for a while. The plane did not arrive, so we bumpity-bumped our way back to the village, where we ate a quick lunch with Hala and Jorge. Connie was pretty nervous about not having a flight to Abeche, which would then almost surely mean not making our flight to N’Djamena and, thus, not making our flight out to Paris–yes, and then to Los Angeles the same, but I was very in-the-moment :) I did want to finish the video, though. Finally, we were told that the plane was about to get in the air towards us.

By the time we got to Abeche, plus the couple more hours I still had of editing work, it meant that Day 10 was late. So, no more napping next time! :)

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Gabriel, you really must quit apologizing for doing your job . . . a very big, important job! Now, get some more sleep, and rest well knowing you are making a difference in a lot of people’s lives.



You shouldn’t apologize. What you are doing means sooo much to so many, you’re wearing your self down. You need to get your rest, anything you feel that needs posted can wait. Sleep well, be safe.

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