Day 8: July 17, 2007

Connie’s Responses to Comments–Day 8

Connie responds to messages from Lisa, Riya, Tere, Mimish, Zahara, Sylvia, Pam, Joanna, Rachel and Sarah.

Hi Lisa,
Most of the refugees have a vague idea of what is happening in Darfur, but for sure they all know that at the moment it is not possible to return because it is not safe.
Also most have seen first hand the destruction and the killing and are aware of the enormity of the problem. Amor y Paz, Connie.

I am sure that you have seen Day 8 by now. Leila is beautiful! She has the most gorgeous smile. See how easy it is to connect, when you see the faces and hear the stories. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hi Tere,
Yes the i-Act team doing the tech work, is incredible we must give them so much credit for a wonderful web-cast.
Gabe says that Annie is our French translator and he met her through O-net. She just volunteered by asking how she could help and Gabe asked if she could do the job. She lives in France and is working very hard to catch up because she wasn’t able to start with us.
The camps vary from about 10 000 to 20 000 and there are 12 camps all together. But the problem has greater numbers; inside Darfur there are about 2.5 million displaced and now the crisis has extended to this side of the border with internally displaced (IDPs) Chadean that add another 170 000 so as you can tell It is a mess! Everyone on all sides let this get way out of hand.
The camps we have visited are on big extensions of land some take you maybe an hour to cross by foot and the smaller ones may take 30 minutes they are divided into blocks and the tents are surrounded by a very small yards that are separated by fences built out of basically sticks. Some of the refugees have built an adobe base around the tent and when they do this it is much cooler inside.
Say hi to Charles.Amor y Paz, Connie

Hola Mimish,
Yea that was a great second visit! Amor y Paz.

La gente tiene tan poco que hasta estas pequenas visitas las aprecian mucho.Amor y Paz.

Hi Sylvia,
That connection with Leila is what makes this tragedy come down to our understanding of humanity. It is not just another 30-second report on the news or a few words in a newspaper. It is a little girl that has touched your heart and all the thousands of others she represents. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Pam and Joanna,
Getting the kids involved is essential. They are our future and now is the time to create the awareness and intolerance to atrocities like the one in Sudan. Thank you for your support, Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hey Rachel,
It is difficult to see the hardship of these people but yes it is especially the children that break your heart and I am always seeing our kids through them and saying what if they were them? Amor y Paz.

Hi Sarah,
Mansor is a very brave boy and the pictures he drew, a testimony of mans cruelty.May be through his detailed accounts we can make awareness for those who still have no idea.Michael is our nephew and we will connect you with him via e-mail.Spreding the message is the refugees greatest hope so that we become strong and demand our leaders put stop to what Mansor witnessed and is stil happening in Darfur.Thank you for sepping up and being avtive!Amor yPaz , Connie.

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