Day 9: July 18, 2007


For this violence to continue, the Khartoum government needs money. For the past 10 years, China has been the primary weapons supplier while providing the government with over 70% of its annual oil revenues. China is the host of the 2008 Summer Olympic games promoting the theme “One World, One Dream.” Can these games truly represent “One World, One Dream” as China supports the government that funds the Janjaweed? Today, we ask you to sign a petition that will be delivered to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC next week urging them to use their position to end the genocide.

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This action is a partnership between Dream for Darfur and Save Darfur.

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This solution seems unlikely. Khartoum takes the position that they are suppressing rebels in outlying provinces. Beijing is also interested in suppressing rebels in outlying provinces. If they decided to take action against Khartoum they would be setting a precedent which would have implications for the “rebels” in Tibet and Taiwan. I’m not a poli-sci expert, but petitioning Beijing with direct signatures seems like a waste of time and resource. Beijing has historically shown know interest in popular opinion.

Oh.. I should have said, looking at the sources of funding is absolutely the right thing to do. For instance its probably impossible that the US sends troops to Sudan. With enough petitions the US could have economic sanctions. However since 70% of revenue is coming from China, this calls into question the power of US economic sanctions. This makes me wonder about the usefulness of petitioning US government directly.

I think it would be interesting to understand the complete money flow into Khartoum, since this will tell you where the pressure points are. Which governments and companies are sufficiently large chunks that you can put pressure on Khartoum. Of these, which are accessible to you. China, not likely. US, possible, but maybe not the best.

Need to think like a lobbyist. All of the people I know are in set X. All the people who can influence the action are set Y. Of these two sets, the people in Z are the intersection. Of Z, these 3 people can be bought or influenced.

Your goal is not to change popular opinion, your goal is to change the *right* opinions. Who’s opinion is that?

I signed the petition. How can the games be called One World, One Dream? If China is supporting the Janjaweed, they should not host the Olympics. Anyone who supports genocide should not be allowed to host, join, or play in Olympics, they should be banned from all activities. If the nation shows their disapproval, maybe China would rethink their “support”. If not allowed to host Olympics, China would lose mad money, that alone should be enough for them to end their support of these people therefor ending the genocide.

When searching for the beads for the bracelets, that were given to our friends, I wondered why Gab didnot want them to be China made beads. I understand now. Our family will definitely sign and send the various petitions and emails, in additon to boycotting China made products. It is a must!

Thanks James for your comments!
You are right that Beijing does not have the cleanest human rights record. As the host of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, China has been hoping that these games will change popular opinion about their country and move their reputation forward. As a whole, the anti-genocide activist community decided to use the Spirit of the Olympic Dream as a way to pressure China to use their leverage. So far, China has responded very well.

Recently Chinese officials contacted Dream for Darfur ( – a new organization focusing on bringing the Olympic Dream to Darfur and organizing symbolic relays this fall marking the 4 year date when Colin Powell declared Darfur a genocide) and asked them to meet about their campaign. China also responded to Steven Spielberg’s letter urging them to meet with President al-Bashir. So China is listening, and while we have their attention with the Olympics approaching, the time is now to pressure China to stop weapons transfers, suspend debt forgiveness and step up in the Security Council making sure that the hybrid force reaches the ground.

For looking at money flow into Khartoum the Sudan Divestment Task Force ( is the best resource – for person and state divestment efforts, complete with a list of companies. Fidelity has been a big focus and they have divested from the NYSE but not the Tokyo Stock Exchange yet. Unfortunately, the US has little economically invested in Sudan, and not enough to make the most recent economic sanctions they placed on three leaders and 30 small companies really impact the money used to back the Janjaweed.

I completely agree with changing the minds of the right people! And I think all the Darfur activist community members are trying to find person Z! Sometimes that is our local officials, sometimes it’s our UN Ambassadors, and now its Ban Ki-Moon of South Korea who is the UN Secretary General. But we need to find more creative ways to reach them since, as you noted, sometimes the petition and the letter are not strong enough. This fall all over the world and in the US there will be symbolic torch lightings to again pressure China to get their attention – to influence them through what is now their pride, hosting the 2008 Olympics.

We thank for your thoughtful comments James! I hope you can check out the websites also posted for this action as they are really helpful in determining what actions are right for each of us!

Best, i-ACT3 Team

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