Day 7: July 16, 2007

Connie’s Responses to Comments–Day 7

Comment replies to Rachel, Judy, Zahara, Bev, G and B, Gayle, Javi, Tony Carlos, Liz, Mimish, Azra, Kathleen Scott, KTJ, Lisa.

Hola Rachel,
We were happy to go back to see Mansor and he was so proud to give those drawings to Michael. Thank Michael for becoming an activist! Amor y Paz, Connie.

Thanks for the kind words of support, we are very determined to do our very best bringing you this info, but hearing from you and all the others reenergizes our efforts. I personally knew nothing of what was happening in Sudan until very recently. We must demand that our news agencies give us the info we need reliable and up to date. I also believe that ignorance gives way to indifference. We must replace “ I need to know” for “I didn’t know”. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Que onda Zahara?
Si no me gustan estas despedidas hoy tambien fue super dificil. Pero espero como dices tu no sea en vano.Amor y Paz,Connie.
P.D.Esas francesas estan demasiado flaquillas!

Thanks for joining us! I really think that the refugees are waiting to be rescued, and that it is hard to believe that the world knowing the atrocities would not move to help them. If I were one of them that is what I would think. So I want to believe that there is just not enough people informed. I loved the poetry! And in response I would say, yes I am my brother’s keeper! Amor y Paz, Connie.

G an B,
Yes Gina, I think that their joy for life and their friendliness could be misinterpreted. Gabriel, Yuen Lin and I are witnesses to their cruel and harsh lives, back home I remember going to one of Gabe’s events and someone asked why they were wearing such clean and beautiful clothes? We all have to make an effort to put ourselves in their shoes (that is probably not the word). The color of their clothes is a reflection of how colorful they as human beings are, and you see them washing their clothes with little water and by the way there is not much of anything to dirty the clothes with here at the camps. Why can’t we just stop looking for excuses and move forward? And yes Gina time is of the essence; Gabe says that every time he comes things are worse! Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hi Gayle,
Yes on the outside I did O.K. but inside I felt awful! And yet this whole experience, although it is about the connection between people, is about how awful their lives are, and having witnessed this and felt for them, what must I now do? Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hey Javi,
We can only hope that when people witness the terrible crisis, through whatever means, that they will not compromise their moral values. Hope is the ONLY thing the refugees poses, it would be cruel to give it to them and not do our best to honor the trust they have placed with us. The other day someone told me that our leaders are only as good as we are. I think that is true in the United States (not every country can say this). So we must strive for a majority who demands politicians who will represent our moral values.
Thanks for your support. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Tony Carlos’
And thank you for coming along with us. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hola Liz,
Nunca es tarde? Que bueno que te conectaste pero ahora si ya tienes una gran responsabilidad al conocer esta crisis.Y dentro de nuestras posibilidades podemos hacer muchisimo,parece que no pero mas que nada se puede con numeros.Dile a todos los que tu conoscas de este problema de los refugiados de Darfur y asi movilisarnos y exigirle a nuestros lideres que se muevan para ayudarlos! Gracias por acompanarnos tu mensaje es de gran apoyo.Saludos a todos por alla. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hi Mimish,
It is very hard to say good-bye but remember that it is harder for them to live like that! Miss you and say hi to Gabo. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Your letter was heartfelt. We cannot truly know what it is like to be a refugee thank you for having the courage in telling us your story!
The children go to school and they tell us that some do practice football and that the girls play netball, on our visits we did not see any organized sports. But the older women are the ones who seem to be struggling with boredom more than others. Some of them watch their grandchildren when they are babies but that is about it.
The world needs you to be brave and remind us of how cruel it sometimes can be. Together we can change the hearts and minds of many. Thank you Azra.Amor y Paz, Connie.

Kathleen Scott,
We will relay your message tomorrow to the refugees that we meet at the camp. Thanks to your commitment! And by the way you have a wonderful daughter and now we know why! Amor y Paz, Connie.

I am so impressed with your unbelievable commitment and we are so lucky we met you. We will tell the refuges what you wish for them. Thank you. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hi Lisa,
These kids have little or nothing and are grasping to the few things offered which is a limited education. They hoping to be ready for when the time comes for them to leave the camps. They have such high hopes! Lets try our best not to let them down.
We talked to a couple of teachers for they were busy. All included want to do their best here and utilize every resource available to them. The teachers learned English here at the camps and are now teaching the students, and always try their best to speak as much as they can to us. I am sure that if they had more infrastructure as far as education goes that they would not let it go to waste. BUT HOW! We must look for solutions. Amor y Paz, Connie.

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