Day 1: July 10, 2007 i-ACT 3: July 10 - 20, 2007

The 10 Day challenge

We want to thank all i-ACTivists who will follow Gabriel, Connie and Yuen-Lin throughout the 10 days. So, similar to last year, we are bringing you the 10Day Challenge. Every time you click on a day’s video on the day that it was posted, notice that in the Action box there will be one word in bold. That word will remain bold for 24 hours only, and then a new word of next day’s Action will be bold. Collect all 10 words from the 10 actions and send all those words to – if you get them all correct, you will be awarded an i-ACTivist e-Certificate. The first 100 participants to send us these words (even if fewer than 10) will win a free “Humanity Before Politics” T-shirt.

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Muy queridos mios Me causo una gran emocion y esperanza al verlos ya en Africa los encuentro tan dignos como el que mas Tanto como se que lo hacen con su corazon puesto en el ideal que aunque parezca imposible Con la ayuda de nuestro Buen Padre Dios y los tambien buenos Magnates en las Naciones sobre todo las mas interesadas en el inmenso problema de nuestr Darfur Les deseo lo maximo de sus aptitudes y que el Mundo ponga su total cooperacion Con mi amor Mami

I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the ten day challenge. No where else can we get hands on information about what is happening in Darfur. What you are doing is wonderful.. Thank you again.

Hola, Gabriel!

It’s good to hear from you and your enthusiastic team members as you’ve reached the capital, and have checked in with the UNHCR. We know you’ll travel with caution, and feel better knowing you have your experienced guide from past trips to help you on this journey. We’re looking forward to sharing your new experiences and seeing you catch up with some of those you’ve met on previous i-ACTs, as you encourage them to tell their stories to all who will listen.


Lisa Goldner

Hello Connie, Yuen-Lin, and Gabriel,
We are sending out the link to our HRW Student Task Force members so we can all join you again on your trip to the camps in Chad. Many of our students are away from their computers this summer, so I am so glad this will be saved on your website, but for the rest of us, thank you for taking us with you, yet again.

Yuen-Lin, I spoke to you many times on phone and email on Gabriel’s first trip to Chad. Wonderful to see you on the video toay.

We are with you,

Hola Mom:

Todo bien por aca, pero ya quiciera estar en el otro lado del pais, mas cerca a los campamentos. Un abrazo, Mom, y gracias por tu nota. Seguimos hablando aqui y se van a ir rapido los dias y nos vemos alla.

Hello Kristen!

Camp Darfur in Tennessee a double great experience. We got to set up camp in an area of the country we have not been to much, and I got to enjoy spending time with you and your family. It is thanks to people like you that we’ll make Darfur an issue that communities anywhere can get involved in. I look forward to working with you again.

Hi again Lisa!

It is nice to have Ali with us again. He brings so much experience with him. We will be going to some of the same camps as on both previous i-ACTs, so we will definitely look for old friends. Thanks for coming along.

Hi Pam B!

Thank you for all that you do. Those young men and women on the HRW Task Force will be prepared to taken on anything, with the experience that you and others at HRW are giving them. Big hug.


Hi Team,

Great work.

Keep it up. I am in the USA from teh 15th of July and will have 2-3 presentations. Perhaps more. We will see.

Happy ti see you back in Chad

and unfortunately we cannot meet



hi gabriel, i sent a mass voice mail message to our high school students regarding your journey to the camps. hopefully they will follow your trip and respond. continued safety.

Hi Team,

This is the first time I have I visited this site. I am amazed by your courage and selflessness and commend you on your travels. It is so often that the human race turns a blind eye to those less fortunate in fear of embracing the realization of true hatred. It is the strength found in people like you that can truly make a difference in the lives of others. Stay safe, strong and forever compassionate.


Dear Gabriel,
remember me from the Bosnian tent in Pasadena…
you are a true inspiration what one person can do! you are doing the walk! i am trying to get you some exposure with local newspaper and UNICEF. i would love to see it happen for your dedicated organization and family. thank you for caring so deeply for people across the world! your videos are powerful. stunning beautiful sisterhood we have there! please ask our sisters do they get enough food? what NGO org. is suppling them the most? then we can support the ones that they benefit from knowing that the help really reaches the camps. also, is there a way to organize after school program for children or even adults – such as sports, music, art or writing classes? i was a refugee myself and i know that these activities help the most biggest problems: days do go faster and gives the ability to have a healthy mind set.
all the best to you all! thank you for being there! peace, mir, paz, sellam! Azra

Gabriel, Connie, and Yuen-Lin,

You are such a powerful inspiration! I pray that God will give you a safe journey home, and that He will revive your spirit.


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