Day 15 (Bonus day!): Jan 4, 2007

More responses from Stacey #1

Marilyn, I know how irrational my fear of flying is. With human conflict, I always feel there is hope of communicating on a human/heart level whereas the skies and mechanics lack that opportunity. I have, however, noticed that flying has become easier and that I’ve actually been able to look out of the window several times and appreciate the beauty of Africa! it’s a start and some growth. Yes, let’s connect back in the states. I’d love to hear your ideas. I’ll contact you when we return! The school sounds great too! The conditions of the refugees up north and those here the longest are hard to swallow. May they be home safely and soon. Much Peace, Stace

Mama, Yes, I imagine the mother’s worries and fears here too. How hard it must be for them! Lisa has been such an inspiration and the quote you refer to from Elie Wiesel reminds me so much of our intention with From America With Love. I love and cherish and respect you. Everything I am comes from your example on a daily basis. Always, Charlie

Hi Teresa, the refugees do not have the choice as to where they go and in what weather their camp is situated. Unfortunately the numbers are great and there is much red tape! As we work to stop the genocide as our first priority perhaps we can get more blankets to the colder camps. So much of this trip has been about crying and smiling at the same time for me, so I know what you mean. Big hug and sorry all my loved ones are calling you about the flight!!! Stacey

Dear John Morlino,

Your work has been an inspiration and I look forward to meeting you in person one day. May your latest effort reach President Bush’s ears and heart. Thank you for your work and constant leadership. Much Peace. Stacey

Kristina, we are all family and we must all look after one another. The songs brought great joy and hope to me also. Blessings, Stacey

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