Day 15 (Bonus day!): Jan 4, 2007

More responses from Gabriel #1

Dear Stacey’s Mom: Another great quote from Elie Wiesel. Thank you so much.

Hi Tere: Yes, even the simple things are pretty complicated out here, and now even more, with all of the chaos on both sides of the border. There are, if you include the Chadians that are now displaced, close to 300,000 diplaced people on this side (Chad). There are 2.5 million displaced inside of Darfur. Aid workers are not allowed to work. Inside of Darfur, it is the Government of Sudan that masterfully has death traps. On this side of the border, the instability and daily violence has caused aid to come close to stopping in some camps.

My friend John Morlino: I can’t wait to read your next article. Thank you for dedicating it to the people you have met through i-ACT. Thank you for your heart and for your tireless work for Darfur. I’ll see you soon. g

Hello Kristina: Thank you. I’m so glad that you liked day 14, and I know you’ll love day 15, with all those children. It was such an amazing experience to be sitting there with them for such a long time, very calmly, and see how they were all friend and how the small children would take care of the even smaller children. Thanks for being with us.

Hey Rachel! YES, let’s make some serious NOISE! It is time to increase the level of NOISE, until our leaders and the world cannot do anything but act.

Mi Zahara: Si, tenemos que seguir como una verdadera comunidad que actua para ayudar a sus propios, aunque esten un poco lejos. Ya pronto estamos de regreso. Un beso. g

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