Tell President Obama to Make a Call Against Genocide

Malawi’s newly elected (and first female) president, Joyce Banda, has taken a crucial stand against indicted war criminal Omar al-Bashir by denying him attendance at her country’s upcoming African Union summit. She now joins Botswana, Uganda, and South Africa among a modest list of governments who have shunned complacency and demand accountability for the atrocities committed by Khartoum against its own citizens.

The Obama administration has made significant, albeit limited, efforts to pursue diplomatic intervention within Sudan, but stops short of assisting the ICC in arresting Bashir. The White House asserts that African governments willing to defy Bashir’s impunity are nonexistent, making an American stance on the issue a very difficult matter. However, Banda’s decision shows this mindset is erroneous and can no longer be permitted.

Joyce Banda deserves words of support from President Obama, and an assurance that the U.S. will follow her example.

Tell President Obama, “Make a phone call against genocide!”

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