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Tell President Obama to Make a Call Against Genocide

Malawi’s newly elected (and first female) president, Joyce Banda, has taken a crucial stand against indicted war criminal Omar al-Bashir by denying him attendance at her country’s upcoming African Union summit.

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It is happening again. Gabriel’s friends in the camps are once again asking for immediate response from the world to this systematic destruction of a people. As they suffer their own atrocities, they are asking for aid on behalf of another marginalized group. That is compassion in action. We too have the ability to walk in others shoes, even if we’re thousands of miles away.

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Peaceful HOME for the children of Darfur

Over 3,477 villages have been attacked in Darfur since 2003. Violence continues today. The children of Darfur are the most vulnerable of the victims, with millions of them now living in refugee and internally displaced persons camps. The children of Darfur want to go back home. They want education, and they want to play. Their […]

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Tell President Obama to Make the Right Choice on Sudan

 The threat of a new war looms in SUda, even as the country prepares for a January 2010 referendum that could split it in two. It is time for a powerful, proven, and effective policy. The president faces a critical decision on how to move forward on Sudan–including one that may result in a severe […]