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It is happening again. Gabriel’s friends in the camps are once again asking for immediate response from the world to this systematic destruction of a people. As they suffer their own atrocities, they are asking for aid on behalf of another marginalized group. That is compassion in action. We too have the ability to walk in others shoes, even if we’re thousands of miles away. We have the privilige to choose not to wait this time. We have an opportunity to hear and answer their call for help right now this time. It is happening again.

Take Action:

1. Call the White House at 202-456-1111. Tell President Obama that we must immediately get humanitarian aid to the suffering people of Sudan in any way possible.

2. Post to Facebook and tag Sudan Action Now (you must write @Sudan Action Now):

In response to the latest round of attacks by the Government of Sudan on its own people, @Sudan Action Now is running a new campaign targeting policymakers Action alert.

Check out @Sudan Action Now’s latest video and post it your Facebook page to raise awareness for Sudan

3. Tweet:

Check out the new video @sudanactionnow is launching with its latest campaign @statedept @AmbassadorRice@

Just released: @sudanactionnow’s recommendations for policymakers on Sudan @statedept @AmbassadorRice

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