Stuck in N’Djamena

Bgan & Mac (Day 2) We hoped to be able to leave on a UNHCR plane today to get out to Abeche and the camps, but a series of delays and obstacles has prevented us from doing that. We’ll be in the capital until at least Thursday, and Friday at the very latest. It’s very frustrating to know that we’re losing valuable time, but this is simply out of our control so it’s not even work thinking about very much. We’re just going to have to double our efforts and put in a few more hours when we’re out there in order to get the most out of it.

So we’re back at the Red Dragon hotel tonight, right next the Le Meredien. It’s not quite as nice as Le Meredien, but we have AC and a TV so we can’t complain. At least we’re catching up on sleep and our reading, and Scott and I may even stay up to watch the Celtics game tonight (which Boston will undoubtedly win). Although we would much rather be out there talking to refugees, it’s at least a lot more calm here then when Gabriel and KTJ were last here.

We’ll be searching for a good story to provide you all with tomorrow. Please keep checking the site, the good stuff is still to come. Peace from Chad.