Issue 9: OUTRAGE!

Urgent Actions in NY, Boston, and Faith Communities

Urgent Action Events being created across the country – JOIN one during these critical hours for Darfur. Today is Day 12 since 16 aid organizations have been kicked out. NEW YORK, NY: Tuesday, March 17, 12pm-2pm @ US Mission to the UN, 45th St. between 3rd & Lexington NOTE to the Darfuri community from NY: […]

Camp Darfur

New York City, NY

Camp Darfur participated in the kick-off event for the national Dream for Darfur campaign in NYC on the day Colin Powell, four years earlier, declared Darfur a genocide. Survivors from Armenia, the Holocaust, Cambodia, Rwanda and Darfur spoke about the impact of genocide and the need to end the violence in Darfur immediately. The New […]