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Are You a Florida, Indiana, or Ohio resident? We need your help!

Take action: Urge your FL, IN, and OH Senator to be an original co-sponsor of the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act of 2017.


Ordinary Murderers, Part 1: Crimes of Obedience

Synopsis: This blog series discusses the social-psychological background of mass atrocities, and what implications it may have for genocide education. ‚ÄčOrdinary Murderers, Part 1:¬†Crimes of Obedience The extent of past and current mass violence is shocking and barely conceivable for most of us as detached, remote bystanders. The most horrible genocides of our time have […]

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How Can We Focus on Preventive Action Rather than Reaction?

In 2014, the United States resettled 187 Syrians in cities across this country. In a civil war that has ravaged the country since March 2011, one can’t even consider this a significant effort in supporting the innocent civilians fleeing across their border. What began with peaceful protesting led by pro-democracy groups gave way to the […]