Day 9: Dec 29, 2006

A New Day (Day 9 from Stacey)

(written 12/29/06 2.47pm) Greetings, Today, we headed back to our “new camp” which is the third one we’ve spent time visiting. Each camp has a particular feel to it. This one is vast in size, has many older people and there is a more anxious sense from many of the adults. Gabriel found a tall, […]

Day 7: Dec 27, 2006

First Day of School

We woke up at the crack of dawn this morning to go to school. It felt just like it did as a child. I was filled with anticipation and hope and sleep as we headed to “our” first day of school. I pictured a few dedicated children gathered around a dedicated teacher in a small […]

Day 6: Dec 26, 2006

Family is Family, No Matter Where You Are

Happy Holidays Everyone, Today I sat on a aged straw mat that represents everything in the world to the people I am getting to know. It represents their history, daily activities, dignity and measure of the world’s concern for them. They are tattered and torn but the women we met offer us a seat on […]

Day 5: Dec 25, 2006

Peace, Salaam, Peace, Salaam. Peace,Salaam…..

Last night I wrote my blog late at night after a long, long day. It was just turning into Christmas Eve day and I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and head to the camps. I’ve NEVER been away from my family for Christmas and I miss them but so many here have […]

Day 3: Dec 23, 2006

Finding transport to Abeche, talking to Dr Ashis

Wow! Hello to Everyone, Wow, it’s been so hard to get to Abeche! Last night was very chaotic with a lot of difficult decisions. Ali found a car and driver to get all three of us to Abeche. It is a 15 to 17 hour drive through very barren desert and most NGO’s stop for […]

Day 2: Dec 22, 2006

" Trying to Get From Here to There "

Still in N’Djamena, We are still waiting to get on a plane to Abeche and out to the camps. It’s been a busy day with the press briefing and conference with the UN High Commissioner, Guterres. Gabriel and I were there with Reuters and Al Jazeera, among other well know publications. I was very proud […]

Day 1: Dec 21, 2006

hi from stace

Hi everyone: Well, here we go. So much planning and team effort to make this happen! I feel very hopeful that this journey may bring the beautiful people of Darfur closer to many people’s hearts and enlighten people unfamiliar with the atrocities the humanity at stake. Most of all, though, I believe that this team […]