Day 1: Dec 21, 2006

hi from stace

Hi everyone:

Well, here we go. So much planning and team effort to make this
happen! I feel very hopeful that this journey may bring the beautiful
people of Darfur closer to many people’s hearts and enlighten people
unfamiliar with the atrocities the humanity at stake. Most of all,
though, I believe that this team effort can have a direct effect on
stopping this genocide by putting faces to the statistics. There is
hope, that is what I’m feeling as we embark on this journey. People
connecting to people.

One chance meeting with Gabriel at the first Camp Darfur and now, here
we are in Paris, waiting to go and share in the losses and triumphs of
people who are no different than ourselves. I’ve learned so much in
the past eight months and am ready to learn more on the ground.

Let’s spread the word and make this reach as many people as possible
in the true spirit of the holiday season.


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