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From an anonymous refugee of Darfur:

The government of Sudan is one of the regimes that cannot be trusted. We even have one proverb, says that you can believe the devil, rather than Sudan government! No one can imagine, for how many years those victims of Darfur suffered, and still the same attacks, killings, rapes, captures, arrests, and tortures are going on! Crimes which all the nations saw and heard! But no change for a minute from GoS to improve the situation, and it uses all the opportunities to make the military forces and Janjaweed ready to fight. Look how many US presidents came and went, all of them sanctioned al-Bashir regime, but the same actions are still going on!

What we know is this regime purchases guns to kill one person, rather than to use money in building schools, or to implement any agreement to approach peace. It sees that spending money to devastate any part of Sudan or people is more easy than improvements!

All these terrible things are leading to expose the efforts of GoS to wash out the lives of Darfuri people. GoS should be under redoubled sanction – any help from communities, organizations, or individuals to GoS to lift sanctions means participating in the crimes of the genocide.

My voice is voice of millions of victims of Darfur, Djebal Alnouba, Blue Nile, and all the marginalized people collectively in Sudan. By their name, I am calling all the advocates, activists, experts, groups fighting for the rights, and individuals who have kind heart: to work very hard, to stop those who are defending the Sudan regime and who use the money before humanity, for their wealth!

See these innocents, they need a better life with dignity, education, peaceful environment, to grow like any child around the world, but they didn’t find it. What do you think about a life like this? If you have a kind heart don’t you see young children like yours are suffering? What did they do to be in situations like this? We need your voice to change this crisis, as a human for humanity.




67 US-based orgs/notables concerned about sanctions relief, ask @realDonaldTrump to test if #Sudan really changed