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Restore 2100 Calories

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Darfuri refugees in eastern Chad are experiencing severe cuts in food rations. Of the World Food Program minimum standard of 2,100 calories per person, per day, they now only receive approximately 800 calories. In the extreme conditions that exist in this region, it is not possible for the refugees to make up the difference to provide for the minimum nutritional needs of their families. Young children are impacted the most. The resulting malnutrition has negative developmental effects, most of which are irreversible.

We call on the United States to lead the effort to immediately restore Darfuri refugees’ food rations to 2,100 calories per person, per day.

We also call for independent experts to thoroughly assess conditions in the camps and for all sectors of the refugee community to be included in the conversations regarding sustainable strategies for their future.


The petition to President Obama and UN Ambassador Samantha Power.


More information about food insecurity can be found on our virtual Refugee Rations report.


To support our Little Ripples’ efforts to improve children’s nutrition and health.

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