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A Decade Long Genocide: Why Darfur…Again?

During Genocide Awareness Month 2011, I wrote this blog featuring our online zine, “Why Darfur…Again? 100 Reasons Why.” This past April 2013 marked a decade of genocide in Darfur and the question “Why Darfur…Again?” remains just as relevant. Darfur and Sudan are far from front page headlines. Recently the Government of Sudan denied 20 visa renewals for UN Refugee Agency workers in North Darfur leaving only 17 to help meet humanitarian needs for hundreds of thousands. A handful of news agencies reported on it the first week of August, and there’s been nothing since.

Just as I noted in 2011, “As media attention focuses elsewhere and the movement experiences burnout, it is increasingly important to remind ourselves and our community that Darfur remains an ongoing genocide. A genocide that affects individuals who are just like you and me.”

Please take a moment to click through the zine (you can turn the page by clicking in the lower right hand corner) and find a way to share it. Maybe it’s with your class, or family, or through social media. I know that once you begin to read the 100 reasons why Darfur is still important, at least one will motivate you to act.

Check out the online zine (it takes a minute to load):
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