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Guisma’s Darfur: 10 Years is Enough

During the last 10 years, Guisma went from living with her brothers and parents in their village in Darfur, to seeing two older brothers killed during the brutal attack on their home, another younger brother die during the escape to Chad, and a little sister die in the refugee camp that is now Guisma’s home. She became a refugee during the Bush Administration and is now still a refugee, as Obama begins his second term. Both Presidents promised to make Darfur a priority and find a way to help stop the violence, but Darfur continues to burn, as we commemorate its 10th anniversary. We’ve seen Guisma grow up over the years. She is a beautiful girl, but her eyes have seen much more than what any girl should have seen. 10 years is enough for her and Darfur.

To honor Guisma and her famiy, i-ACT is launching the 100-Day Fast for Darfur. It will begin on April 6, the anniversary of the day the Rwandan Genocide started, and end July 14, 2013. We hope people will join by fasting water-only or refugee rations (1,000 calories or less) for a day or more.

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