Day 0: Preparations

Through Interaction

“It’s only through interaction that we learn.” Oscar is an animated and charismatic individual, but that is not what struck me most about him, Delphine, and other HCR (in Chad the ‘UN’ is dropped and they are known as ‘Hache-C-R’) workers in N’Djamena. It was their desire to connect people, and to be connected to the people they are there to serve and a provide a life for.

Oscar’s statement strikes at the heart of i-ACTs mission. It is why we are here and continue to come. It is why we believe in the Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program. Through interactions we become part of another person’s life. We form mutually beneficial relationship, and we become a part of their community.

“It’s not just survival, but it’s about providing a right to a future. A fair chance.” Delphine, External Relations for UNHCR Chad, explained why she is in Chad, and works with the UN Refugee Agency. We also discussed how important connecting people from other sides of the world is so important. She too believes that by creating these personal relationships, we are empowering the youth to develop a life long commitment to promoting peace and avoiding war, ultimately reducing the number of people displaced because of violence.

It’s refreshing when we meet people who also believe so passionately in creating personal relationships. This expedition to Chad has so many potentials. As we get closer to reaching the camps, I feel more confident that this trip will be a successful one. And that we will be able to implement technology, and build relationships like never before.

Stay tuned!

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I love what you say here….especially this ~
Through interactions we become part of another person’s life. We form mutually beneficial relationship, and we become a part of their community.

Empowering through connecting to one another’s humanity.


Thank you Sandra. I continue to be empowered myself by the enormous community dedicated to connecting with and standing up for the people of Darfur. Thank you for being part of this.

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