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April is Genocide Prevention Month

┬áStop Genocide Now is working with several California-based groups to support events that both commemorate based genocides and take action to end humanity’s worst crime, genocide. It is deeply saddening to think that so many horrible crimes find their way onto the calendar in April. What is worse, these crimes span more than a century of our history as humanity. Please take part in commemorating the millions we have lost because one group felt superior to them, and do your part by acting to help prevent future genocides. It begins with all of us saying, believing and working for “Never Again.”

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Genocide of White South Africans – A Cry Out for Help!

White South Africans are regretting the peaceful handover of the country to the ANC in 1994. What is happening in South Africa today (corruption, crime, deteriorating services and infrastructure, extreme black racism, etc.) were the very things whites have always predicted and feared would happen if the ANC comes to power. All has come to pass, but much worse, is the genocide of Boers (white farmers) since the ANC came into power in 1994. Over 3500 white farmers were brutally murdered on their farms. For more info go Google (or Youtube) “White genocide in South Africa”, “Farm murders in South Africa”.

After the repeated singing of the song “Kill the Boer”, by ANC Youth Leader, Julius Malema, over the past month, already six killings of farmers took place – this number excludes other whites being killed in city areas during the same time.

With the killing of write-wing leader Eugene Terblanche and the possibility of the perpetrators getting bail, the country is in turmoil. Eugene Terblanche was a camp fighter for the rights of whites. He has always been wrongfully portrayed to the world as a racist by the ANC-controlled media.

The black people in South Africa has now (April 2010) started to openly say that they will now kill all the whites. Julius Malema visited Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe this week to seek military hardware support. It is a known fact that a shipment with military weaponry from China, destined for Zimbabwe, was refused by the Durban harbour customs last year. This shipment of weapons has found its way to Zimbabwe via Angola.

Over the past few years the ANC government has changed the arms law in SA to make it almost impossible for people (whites) to own a fire arm, whereas criminals literally roam the streets with fire arms. Citizens were told to hand in their fire arms and re-apply for a license (which they are denied of course), or face severe jail sentences from 15 to 25 years. (concicted murderers – of which 96% black – only serve three years imprisonment). So, the law abiding citizens in South Africa (including the 4 million whites) had been disarmed and left defenseless.

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I second that!

This is the email I am sending out to all foreign offices, of all governments that signed or ratified the Genocide Convention:

How much blood needs to be spilled in South Africa before policy makers in the US and elsewhere acknowledge that there is a genocide brewing?

I am an ordinary white, lower middle class citizen of South Africa, and daily I read about more murders of white South Africans. At the same time, I read about the racist policies of the ANC, and the open incitement to murder of Julius Malema and his followers, through the singing of the song ‘Shoot the Boer.’

The ANC, and the ANCYL, are awakening a beast, and it may already be too late to put that beast back to sleep.

South Africa may currently be ranked at a stage five risk according to Genocide Watch, but I would be very surprised if it’s not a six by the time the next list of countries at risk is released. Things are worsening, rapidly, and every white man, woman and child in South Africa today, whether they supported apartheid or not, are at risk of being murdered because of nothing more than their skin colour.

Yes, apartheid was bad. Yes, it was an evil institution, and the world is a better place because it is gone. But what is happening in South Africa today is no better, and there is a tiny minority at risk at the hands of a political majority.

What is being done?

Where is the outrage?

Where are the sanctions?

When will the developed world realise that their inaction is as good as standing on stage alongside Julius Malema, singing his song of hate, and nodding as he spouts his racist rhetoric?

Without swift intervention, the world will soon, I fear, face a genocide the likes of which has not been seed since the holocaust.

After the holocaust, the world said never again, and yet, where are you?

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