Issue 15: Sudan Sham Elections

Actions for Sudan Elections in April

Sudan Sham Elections 2010: Each day since February 20, 2010, one state has stood up and taken action directed towards their state or national leaders to say: “Obama Administration, Stop Supporting Sham Elections in Sudan!”

With recent violence in Darfur, broken peace agreements, and weapons stock piling in both the North and South, and the Lords Resistance Army now in Darfur, a free and fair environment has not been established for elections to begin April 11th. “Conditions in Sudan are not yet conducive for a free, fair, and credible election,” said Georgette Gagnon, Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “Unless there’s a dramatic improvement in the situation it’s unlikely that the Sudanese people will be able to vote freely for leaders of their choice.”

We are at a critical crossroads for Sudan and our current administration is full of advocates for Darfur that need our support to act. Florida advocates for Sudan contacted Representative Ileana Ros-Lethinen about the Sudan Sham Campaign she brought the issue to the House floor:

Although she¬† has been an advocate for Sudan for several years, she was only able to use minutes on the House’s agenda because her constituents contacted her. We must continue to contact our leaders and tell them that peace, protection, and justice for Sudan is an important issue for us.

Find out what action your state took or is taking as part of the Sudan Sham Elections 2010 Campaign and take it today!
If you haven’t already sign the petition to the Obama Administration, which will be delivered in early April, please do so today!

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