Day 3: June 17, 2009 Take Action

Day 3 Action: Tell Gration it’s Personal

For seven years we have advocated on every level for new policies, new pressure points, for carrots and sticks that may shift or create change on the ground in Darfur. Yet the situation has only gotten worse, not better. As US Special Envoy to Sudan, General J Scott Gration bears the responsibility to personally hold accountable those who are abusing their power in Khartoum and slowly exterminating a valuable culture.

Call General Gration 202-647-4531 and tell him of the conditions in the camps and of the refugees lives. Describe what you have learned through the videos and journals. Make Darfur personal, it is not just a region, it is an entire culture.

To learn more about specific policy asks, please visit the ENOUGH Project.

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Amazing to see the tower the young man built. And the dignity of your translator.

I got my call in to General Gration.

You all are so awesome, hold fast.


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