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Darfur Fast for Life – beginning April 27th

MiaMia sent a note to friends and fellow Darfur activists, “I am ready to go on a hunger strike.” Mia has visited the Darfur region eleven times, spending countless hours hearing the horrific stories of survivors. She also spent hours creating community with the proud and courageous men, women and children. They did not know about her celebrity back home. They saw someone standing with them at the most difficult and dangerous times.

When Mia told of her fast, this group of friends decided to support and join her and thus, Darfur Fast for Life. The fast begins April 7th and continues indefinitely. The situation on the ground—more than a million people in imminent danger of dehydration, disease, and starvation—and the long, slow destruction of a society and culture moved Mia to this action. A positive vision of a world in which the human rights of ALL humans is respected is what motivates this group to stand today and tomorrow with the people of Darfur.

Please visit the Darfur Fast for Life site and consider joining, supporting, and telling friends.

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