Day 7: March 30

Letters from Darfur refugees

group of 5 shack 2.JPGAfter spending some time with students and teachers at the one of the schools in Camp Djabal, we gave them a book of letters written by a school in Georgia as part of their Save Darfur Club. We also told them about the Darfur Dream Team Sister School Program. Here are the two letters we were given to bring home with us (with minor spelling and grammar errors corrected).


March 28, 2009
Dear all members of Save Darfur Club,

We are the family of New Sudan School co-education for basic at camp of Djabal in Eastern Chad.

We hope that all the family of Save Darfur Club is very well and that your health is very good.

We send to your our greetings and regards. If you ask about us now, we are well, but have lost our homes. We were Sudanese citizens, but now we are refugees and this is a very bad thing.

Our friends in U.S.A in Save Darfur Club, I know you are doing very hard work so as to help us in the camp. This is a very good feeling.

Thank you very much for your letters.

New Sudan School Co-education for Basic
Letter to U.S.A from Sudanese refugee students

Our requests to students in U.S.A from students in Djabal camp of Sudanese refugees:
1.    Clothes for the very weak students
2.    Shoes
3.    Culture and Sports tools
4.    Piano and other musical instruments
5.    Computers and cameras
6.    Dictionaries
7.    Forms
8.    Libraries
9.    Place to play sports
10.    Also we need high secondary school
11.    Scholarship for teachers and students

Thank you so much for your humanity. We have great confidence in you to help us.

My name is Sulieman Yahia Sulieman, English Teacher in School

There are two ways you can donate to education in Camp Djabal. If you are part of a school, please check out Darfur Dream Team Sister School Program and their registry for donations.

If you are not part of a school, but would like to send money, you can send a check for USA for UNHCR with SGN/Djabal in the memo line to:
1732 Aviation Blvd #138
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

We will forward it to USA for UNHCR and make sure that 100% of your donation goes towards education.

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