Day 7: March 30 Take Action

Day 7 Action: Write your Leaders

We must demand that our leaders pay more attention to Darfur. We need our message to be loud and consistent. Today we are asking you to spend a little more time on your daily action. Write a letter to your leader outlining what needs to happen before we will be quiet and step down from our urgent campaigns. It’s simple – the Enough Project has outlined the policy asks. Download this sample by Sandra Hammal from earlier this month. Make it personal, print off a picture of a Darfuri or add information about the camps from our recent journals. Stamp it and send. You can also paste it into this web form for President Obama. It’s easy.

Find your leaders:
United States
Australia Prime Minister
UK Members of Parliament

If you have information about leaders in your country not listed here, please send a comment below. We will add it!

As a default, you can always Wake Up, Brush your Teeth, Call your Leaders!

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