Day 3: March 26

Instability, as usual.

We joke around with agencies’ staff, “The rebels wait for us to come, and then they make a move.” For me, sometimes joking and actually saying what I don’t want to happen helps relieve some of the tension, and I’m hoping that maybe it unleashes something of a reverse-jinx! It would be too much of a coincidence for them to create havoc exactly when we’re “in town” for a third time in a little over a year.

unhcr abc.JPGFor our team, these news become something of a nuisance. We cannot do what we came to do as fast as we like to do it. The extra security measures steal valuable time, and time is lots of money out here! For the refugees and the population of Chad, the news of potential fighting around their homes is a lot more than a nuisance. It is the potential loss of life and property; it is having to worry about family and friends; it is possibly going without food for an indefinite time period; it is the crushing of hopes.

Thinking selfishly, we would want the rebels to wait for us to leave. Thinking with our brain and heart, we want there to be peace on both sides of this border. In these times, it seems that it takes a lot more courage to fight for peace than to fight with weapons.

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Glad you can find bits of humor to help cope with the very real dangers you’re facing on this trip. We will all be praying the rebels remain at a distance, and don’t add to the insecurity you already face in this region. It is cowardice which shapes villainous bullies like Bashir that is juxtaposed with the true courage demonstrated by the refugees who survive in such adverse conditions. And it the courage and compassion of your SGN team which gives us all hope that the peaceful right will overcome the weapons’ might.




It is grace that gives you your sense of humor at this stressful time. And your grace is evident by your being there for the Darfuri people and for us. Our love is with you,


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