Issue 9: OUTRAGE!

Darfuris from Phoenix coming to LA Federal Building!

In two days we can expect two minivans of Darfuris from Phoenix, AZ to join us for OUTRAGE @ LA Federal Building.

Between 6 and 14 men,women, and older children will make the journey across states to join others in standing up for the people of Darfur. It has almost been two weeks since aid organizations have been expelled, that means many of the supplies (that have not yet been stolen or seized) will run out very soon. They may have already. The families and friends of these Darfuris are in severe danger in the displacement camps in Darfur. STAND WITH THEM! STAND FOR DARFUR!

Several of the men coming have spoken on numerous occasions and been interviewed by their local ABC and NBC affiliates.  They will address the crowd at the rally!

Download a flier – spread the word and most importantly JOIN US. Darfuris are driving from Arizona in solidarity with their brothers and sisters who may be forced to walk 10-15 days across the desert.

We can ALL take the time to stand in solidarity with them.

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