Issue 9: OUTRAGE!

OUTRAGE on Wilshire and Veteran


We got one break today to visit a group of Sisters for a presentation on Darfur. Gabriel started off with a quick note about why we look rather ragged and tired, dirty jeans and, of course, running slightly late. I was tired. I almost cried three times during the presentation. The first was during his disclaimer, the second when Gabriel was retelling the story of Farha, a story I have heard at least a hundred times, and finally when during the video when I see the hands of all the children of Camp Kounoungo cover mine in a game we had been playing.

Our lives intertwined.

There was a rotating, yet consistent group of upstanders today who chose to give up hours of their Saturday to hold signs and pass out fliers. My mother was actually approaching cars in the lane closest to us, asking them to roll down their windows, handing them a flier and telling them to please text Clinton. The lives of each and every one of the people who came out today are intertwined with the lives of the Darfuris we are standing for. A UCLA professor and two UCLA Darfur Action Committee members (the weekend before finals!), a couple from Redondo Beach and their lil’ black doggie, a friend from Portland, OR, a high schooler from New Roads and two more from another high school, Tsivia from Jewish World Watch with son in tow, Gabriel’s nephew and friends, Brian Steidle, Andi, and an artist, and, of course the Armenian community standing for their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters of Darfur.

As one Humanity. yakoub_g_group_of_kids_sm.jpg

People drop off water and food for us, and then hold signs telling the world that soon, in Darfur, these essential supplies will run out. Honk 4 Darfur, Take Action Now, Text Darfur 90822, Stop Genocide. People honk, wave, hold up their phones and wave peace signs. Red paint across the white poster board CAN BE seen across the twenty-one lanes of traffic.

Demands Action by All.

Obama is coming to town on Wednesday and Thursday. Big Rally Tuesday, but there is still Sunday and Monday. There is still tonight!

Please join us. For an hour, for three, for the night. Our lives intertwined. As one Humanity. Demands Action by All. Please come out! Darfur us all.

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