Seeking Empathy - A One Month Refugee Diet

Jeremiah’s Journal – Day 15

“Rise and shine campers…’s Groundhog Day!”  Another day, another bowl of wheat.  My meals are becoming so monotonous; at least I have made it to the halfway point.

My hearts go out to all the refugees, not only are their meals the same (day day-in and day-out for five years), but there entire life must seem this way.  They live in a tent, in the desert.  There is no work, and no school past 6th grade.  There is very little for any of them to do, other than struggle for survival.  Five years…I just can’t comprehend it.

img_3441.jpgI thought I would attach this photo.  This is a photo comparing the salt, sugar, and oil that the refugees get on a daily basis and comparing that to what is in my cupboard and my fridge.  We all have this variety available to us on a daily basis (either in our homes, or at the store).  All of this gives our food (and our lives) some variety, helping to keep us from getting into any sort of “Groundhog Day.”

I am a little perplexed on why we cannot save Darfur?  Here in the US we live in the most prosperous nation on earth.  Why can’t we help those in the most unfortunate place on earth?  Why does this continue to go on for so long?

We recently elected a new President into office and went through a long and costly campaign for both Republicans and Democrats.  I find in amazing how (at least the last three elections or so) our country has been divided nearly down the middle.  There isn’t a huge percentage difference for those voting for one side, or the other.  As so many of us our divided in our political opinions and desires, I would love to see us come together as a nation.  I would love us to come together, to have the same passion we had during the elections and take that energy and come together like we did after 9-11.  We can come together as a nation, and we can come together with the international community as well.

What better cause to come together on than Darfur.  Not only can we help heal the hearts of millions of Darfurians, we can heal our own hearts as we come together over a greater cause, something bigger than us all.  I believe we can save Darfur, but I am starting to believe it won’t happen unless everyone becomes involved.  This needs to be the consistent talk on the news, in our schools and our jobs.  I believe it needs the passionate involvement of everyone, and I doubt if it can be done any other way.

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Thank you for your wonderful posts this month…it highlights all that we are so fortunate to have here in America, especially as we approach Thanksgiving and the bounty that it represents. We are so wrapped up in our own economic crisis and I fear that people will lose sight and perspective of all that we do have and all that Darfurians in these IDP camps do not. I wish your posts were read by more people…I will do my best to get this onto Facebook and pass it around. Stay strong and stay safe and thank you again for your DOES make a difference!

As for our policy of non intervention in Darfur based on our own national policy and the fear of the consequences if we do. We should not forget that taking no action has consequences as well. You can’t stay nuetral on a moving bus! Lets hope the new administration will take a proactive approach to helping solve this crisis.

Thanks again!
Rob Hadley


Thank you so much for your comment, for your support and for spreading the message. (It also means a lot to Eric and I to get some support, so thank you).

I enjoyed your thoughts on perspective…. so true. As Thanksgiving approaches, I am sure this will become more of a topic as well.

Thanks again,




It would be great if you were able to get some of your kids to take a picture of what five of them eat for lunch in one day. I would love to post it next to the picture of what Jeremiah and Eric are eating, perhaps you could add your thoughts. Many Camp Darfur high school groups have done this, but now we have a great place to post this comparison!

hope you are well.

Your words are always so inspiring. I feel your frustration about the movement, and I too wish that we could come together, as humanity. I have been repeating a new mantra lately. You helped point out a week or so ago that my frustration from the lack of action in Darfur has crept into the rest of my life. So no more hating. I have been repeating “I will fill my heart with love,” every so often, and it feels good. Better than letting myself get consumed by things that are negative.

We went to Cal Tech today and while a group of 25 was chowing down on a bunch of healthy portions of Greek food, we showed them Husna and talked about Seeking Empathy – One Month Refugee Diet. And you and Eric will share on Friday. Roby Hadley is spreading the word, and one supporter from Facebook said he wants to join.

You are spreading awareness that we can harness into action. Thank you!


You are so right! If it was happening anywhere in the US, other Americans would rally and find a way to help. We are seeing it with the fires, and we saw it with Katrina. It was regular people that got up and acted.

KTJ and I have been doing presentations, and we show Husna’s video–of her receiving her monthly ration of food. We then talk about you and Eric, and people really connect. Thank you for going through this. I know it has not been easy for you and your family. It will be an experience that we will continue to talk about, even after the month is over.


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