Day 10: Aug 10, 2008

Action: Keep up the activism!

On our last day of i-ACT for now, we want to encourage you to stay CONNECTED through the Stop Genocide Now forum! Post and discuss the latest news, spread your ideas and Darfur Guerrilla Actions so others can join from where they are, and keep the voices of our friends in the camps alive. Darfur Olympics continues through the end of this week and we hope you will tune in!

One reply on “Action: Keep up the activism!”

Hello,I’m Manika, from Ackerman middle school, When you came to my school last year you touched my heart greatly, i’ve always wanted to go to africa and adopt or just help out at the schools, even though I’m not old enough yet you’ve helped me find a way I can help now. I’m so thankful that i had the chance to listen to your talk, me and my teacher have been talking about you coming back. One reason I’m writing you this “novel” of a message is, I’m doing a project and i was wondering how i can win our small project fair, by making a difference in africa. If you have any questions or ideas please email me.

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