Day 9: Aug 9, 2008

Pictures from Day 9

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After watching this vidio, it sadden me. It reminded me of the Soup Kitchens we had in the U.S. during WW. But at least we were fed every day. The people of Darfur don’t get enough food at the beginning of the month to last a month. And to trade their food for meat and goods that they need is terrible. Also, to share what little food they have with other families is Wonderful but horrendous. I feel the people of the World should donate more food that has more protein and vitimins in it. More rice, grain, cooking oil, water, salt, sugar, pepper, garlic, ginger root, things of this sort so the people of Darfur can eat and have some food to trade for meat. We (the World) also should donate SOAP. How expensive is soap. At least it would help keep disease down and people can wash themselves and their clothes. It would make them feel much better about themselves. I’m sure before they came to these refugee camps they were able to keep themselves and their children clean and fed.
Everything that happens in Darfur should be making the International news. The olmpics are fine but they are being held in China. China who is abiding and adament about keeping the Abrabs supplied with oil and weapons of destrution.
This is another Germany happening. And nobody is watching. We should ALL be ashamed of ourselves.

Greetings Suzanne!
Thank you so much for your heartfelt outpouring of words and emotions for our friends in the camps. I feel the same way – that we should all be ashamed. And I realize that many people may be feeling a bit tight on money these days, but I think about if we just ate in with food in our cupboards for one week – we could all save $200 from not eating out, and that $200 would stretch sooo far in Darfur and Chad. Thank you for your energy – spread it around Suzanne!

in peace, ktj

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