Day 9: Aug 9, 2008

Action: Help the World Food Program

Humanitarian organizations want to be giving the people of Darfur more food, and quicker. With the rough economy, rising food costs, and insecurity, they need your help to do so. We know that our own economy is not doing so well, but we all still eat enough food. Please donate to Friends of the WFP today. Use the designation drop down box, and click on Darfur, Sudan Crisis.

Click here to donate to the Friends of the World Food Program

Many of us have joined this movement because we feel we have a moral responsibility to act upon the knowledge we have gained about Darfur. We need to share this with our communities. Many of you are part of a religious community, and this coming Sunday, we urge you to share your knowledge, and the voice of a Darfur refugee with at your place of worship. Bring copies of the Darfur Athlete Profiles to share, lead a prayer for Darfur, and make a commitment to actively end the violence. Don’t have a place of worship? We then challenge you to bring their voices to your community gathering place within your community.

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