Day 5: June 14, 2008

Colin’s journal

ktj col in car t’s getting late, and my computer is running low on battery, so I’ll keep this entry short. It’s been a really long day, and the heat has gotten to me a bit, but you’ve heard all the details from everyone else. Although the day started off well with a Celtics victory, it finished out pretty rough.

It is disappointing that we haven’t seen any refugees yet, but the interviews with UNHCR officials and local Chadians have been informing. I also am grateful that, despite the instability throughout the region, we are all safe here. All is peaceful from our small resting facilities in the UNHCR gym; it doesn’t seem like any unrest is occurring throughout the rest of the country. I hope that it stays that way; both for our sake and for the many innocent Chadians throughout the region.

Please keep posted both through the news and the site. I am sure everything will turn out alright, but we appreciate all of your good thoughts as we wait for further moves on our end.


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Hi Colin,
Those of us following your story appreciate your patience, all the waiting and difficulties you are having on this trip demostrate how things can be on a smaller scale for those stuck in the camps. Keep cool and watch out for those Laker’s fans.
(Katie-Jay’s mom)

Hi! Thanks for sharing with us the interviews you’re having with local NGO officials and the UNHCR personnel which are quite interesting. They are brave and passionate in their dangerous mission. We pray all of you stay safe, and that the area stabalizes enough to afford you passage to and from the camps. The stories of the refugees need to be heard. Take care in those sand storms!


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