100 Day Fast for Darfur

Fast for Darfur – Join Me

Posted on behalf of Chann Noun, a survivor of the Cambodian genocide.

Hi everyone,

Chann’s refugee camp photo After having gone through an extremely terrible starvation during the Cambodian genocide era (especially in 1975) and a somewhat mild one in the refugee camps in the mid 80’s, I vowed never to experience any hungry feelings ever again after I had arrived in America. Anyhow, after several years of eating all the fatty American foods, I barely gained any weight. One doctor in Minnesota said the starvation that hit me was so severe that it completely destroyed all my fat cells and it would take a long while for them to rebuild. However, for this very important cause and my absolutely personal experiences, I will break my vow.

I choose May 25th and July 13th to fast. Let’s stand with the people of Darfur and fast in solidarity w ith me on this date.

If you can participate, please send your response to and let them know that you’re doing it with me.

Chann Noun

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Thank you Chann for your incredible dedication and courage to join the community of fasters. I have always admired you in the work we do together in Portland. I too will fast with you on May 25th in solidarity with Cambodians who suffered under the Khmer Rouge and for those suffering in Darfur.

the people of Sudan tear LIVE chickens apart, for ‘sport’. how can anyone want to give aid to such a cruel nation? when they are taught what an atrocious act of cruelty this is, then give them assistance.

You’re an idiot! Why do you waste your time even looking at this site if you are only going to share your ridiculous and unrelated trivial knowledge. Do you know what happens to chickens here in the US, much worse than that (at least those chickens breathe fresh air once in their lives. Moron! You should fast for a year and make the world a better place.

Wow! If these poor refugees actually had one live, running chicken, I would be really surprised…And they would feel so blessed to actually have something to eat.

how about the things we do to animals in this country for sport? Horse racing, dog racing, dog fights, cock fights, you think these animals want to be treated the way they get treated? not to mention all the animal testing we do, i bet the animals love that…vikki, maybe you should think about the things you say before you write them you moron!!!!!

Hi Chann,

My name is Carleen and my parents were Hmong refugees during the war in Southeast Asia. My people are starving right now in Laos still and people are living in fear of the Laotian government’s retribution, and so many Hmong are still in hiding afraid to leave the jungles.

I wanted to get this message to you to let you know that I wanted to fast with you in soldarity for Darfur.

Carleen Xiong

you keep having the faith, we all shall escape this cruel place we all know and love to a far better place as we shall overcome.

God bless and keep you safe

I too will join you on May 25th. For the many innocent men, women, children who are the victims of genocide. While the world watch, these men, women, and children pray that there will be a tomorrow for them. There should never be another genocide. if we simply look the other way there will be more Killing Fields. Just imagine that is in our back yards. You too would wish for rich/powerful/caring nations to help take them out of the hell hole.

In solidarity for Dafur,


Hi Chann,

It’s a pleasure to meet you and thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I’m touched by your words and love for life. May your journey continue to take you places where you can teach others the respect for life that you hold so deeply in your heart and may the people of Darfur soon experience the freedom that you have today.

(Torrance, CA)

Dear Chann,
When I visited Cambodia a few years ago my heart was broken for your people.

I believe the trial for one of the leaders of the Khmer Rouge started only yesterday- far too late for an elderly man to change the impact of his deeds, or for the world to notice? This remains to be seen. I hope not too late for his repentance, redemption, forgiveness, and the healing of your people?

Every act of violence like this that goes unanswered will encourage and embolden this type of cruelty and disregard for human life to grow until we are to numb to fight it.

Fasting in solidarity with all who have suffered from Genocide,

After I held my 40-day fast for Darfur two years ago I swore I wouldn’t fast again, but here I am fasting again. It makes a big difference knowing there are others consciously refraining from the act of eating today, with the hope that our sights will be sharpened on what needs to be done next for Darfur.

Here’s what doesn’t work: UN sanctions

Here’s what helps: Hollywood stars speaking and acting out

Here’s what would work: pressure from China & Arab countries

Here’s what I’d like to propose: get dozens of people from this and other lists to stage a human brigade of intervention, enter Darfur through Chad, bring one TV crew with us, and not budge till we have bent the ear and the will of Khartoum

Today is April 24. On April 24, 1915, the Ottoman Turks launched their plans to exterminate the Armenian people. one and a half million Armenians perished, including my grandfather. The ensuing grief and melancholy that has been passed down to my generation can be harnessed to good end.

There was no internet then. Who is willing to join me?

Just a curious footnote: It was due to my 40-day fast that I later found out that Tim Nonn had organized a group in his congregation to conduct a 40-day fast for Darfur during the exact same time period, 2000 miles away! I then hooked up with Tim and Tents of Hope. Now, in another ‘coincidence’ I see that Tim has chosen today to fast again. Mind blower!

Thank you for words of inspiration and sense of urgency demanding that we, as brothers and sisters of Darfuri’s and Armenians, STAND up and continue to stand until ACTION has been taken. I, too, feel that words and talks and illusions that sanctions that hurt leaders and money flow DO NOTHING for the people sitting in refugee camps in Chad, stranded at the border between Darfur and Chad, and those who shuffle between burned villages and IDP camps continue to be killed, raped, beaten, and starving.

I am with you.

In Solidarity, KTJ

For medical reasons I can’t fast. But I’m reaching into my pocket to show my support. Your dedication has inspired me out of my American stupor.

Fasting for Darfur ? What is God’s name can that possibly do to help these people. Who cares if a bunch of well-fed, bleeding heart white liberals forgo their Starbucks and pizza.
They need water and bread.

I also read that Mercy Corps wants our donations to install water pumps for fresh water. This is a fantastic reason to donate. However, Mercy Corp also says the monthly maintenance cost “per well” is $7000. What the…? That is ludicrous and insulting to me. You can feed an entire village for less than that. Something doesn’t smell right.

Dear Realistic Pete,
Don’t assume that we are all white; and don’t assume that we all eat pizza and Starbucks. Also, the genocide in Darfur is and always will be about humanity, not just liberals or republicans or evangelicals or jews because they are all fighting for peace in Darfur – it is all of them together, one community working working to end genocide by making the movement personal. And refugees in the world over, don’t get bread they sorghum and millet.

Of all those who have fasted so far for the people of Darfur, many have found their commitment stronger. And this stronger commitment moves people to act further, to take risks to help bring peace to Darfur. I listened Chann, (above entry who you have written your comment under) who starved for 3 years 8 months and 21 days during the Khmer Rouge reign of terror in Cambodia, speak to high school students about his experience today. He urged them to fast to feel closer to the victims in Darfur and the 2.7 million people who died in Cambodia. Although Chann involuntarily starved during this period and he promised he would never go without food again, he will stand in solidarity with the people of Darfur by fasting in May – he is doing this so that more of his community gets involved in this issue.

This fast is a way to get more and more people to care about Darfur. For all those who are fasting, they get asked throughout the day why they are not eating, and thus a conversation about Darfur surfaces. And there donations are going to the World Food Program – so who cares if they fast? The refugees who will be receiving this donation as food care.

So I ask you Realistic Pete – what is realistic for you to do in your world for the people of Darfur? If you can think of things that you feel make a difference, I suggest you spend your time working on that. Different movements and campaigns work for different people.

As for Mercy Corps, I suggest you speak to them about their water pump systems, if you are an engineer, you may be able to help them.

Dear Realistic Pete,

People are doing this for love and compassion for others. Who could ask for anything else.

I am a mom who saw her son go from 190 lbs to 160 lbs because of lack of food and I couldn’t do anything about it… I wish this on no one. This fast makes a point, even from those who eat pizza and starbucks, they are sending a message, LOUD AND CLEAR. If this isn’t for you and you don’t get it…that’s ok…go where you feel you could make a difference and help in any way you can. You seem like someone who wants to help…so go out and make a difference.


when I waken in the morning I always sit and dwell, is there a heaven, is there a hell. will there be wars in the future , like there are now, and if so brother and sister, how long we gonna allow,

who gave him the order, who gave him the right, bet he’s not in the front line having to fight.
bang goes a missile, a Million Pounds up in smoke we just killed a general, and two thousand innocent folk.
Daddy pays his school fees, born to look down his nose, jumps in his sports car, off to work he goe’s.

Fly’s on bab’ys face now, to hungry to smile, Mother;s heart broken, baby will die in a while.
Power is money , money is greed, its all around us how much do we need,

there must be a heaven, there must be a hell but wev’e to many secrets, and no one to tell ,

by Drew and Wills Aug 2004

In respect, honor, compassion, solidarity, awareness, and the briefest moment in the grave shoes of those who have experienced starvation or are starving — and are in great need of food sources today — I want to join you on this day in this symbolic, but loud gesture.
Thank you for this small opportunity to help support this extremely urgent cause in Darfur.
In solidarity,

Mr Chann Noun,

I intend to fast (no food or water) on 25 May in solidarity with you, the survivors to the Khmer Rouge, and the people of Darfur. I am very grateful that you have taken this initiative and brought myself and others to participate alongside you. God bless you and all the world’s genocide survivors.

John Doldo IV, Watertown, NY, USA

Hello Chann,

A girl you work with is on my LJ friends’ list, and she shared a bit of your story. Wow. I have no words. You’re almost an historic commodity, being one of maybe TEN people that survived those atrocities.

Have you thought about writing a book? Not for monetary gain, but so your experiences can be in writing and further engraved into history. People need to know what happened to you and the people around you that were not so fortunate to survive.

Thank you for sharing this here.


Laura R. Matis
Lakewood, OH

Chann, i helped your people in Laos many years ago but the radical left forced us out allowing for the killing fields. Have you considered going back home and helping your own people. Don’t let the left keep you form helping there, there track record on human rights has been looser.
Unfortunately all the money donated so far to “save Darfur” $120+M has been squandered on newspaper ads. this is the real scourge and hypocrisy and should be prosecuted by the Feds


I’m wondering how you’d ever helped Cambodian people in Laos. I was not aware of any Cambodians living in Laos except those who worked in diplomatic fields. The Cambodian genocide happened because of the US involvement in the Vietnam War. If the US had not been in the region, the Cambodian civil war would never have started.

Yes, I have been back to Cambodia several times. I have also been working hard for the last several years trying to help my people. I’m going there again this August.

If you have proof that the money donated to ‘Save Darfur’ has been misused, you should take all possible actions to stop it!


Well done Chann Noun, it takes great courage to stand against the oppressor, in this we all shall do with the spirit within us all, lets start a world campaign to ban all weapons of mass destruction and for all armies around the world to make peace and melt all the weapons and create beauty with the metal by making giant flowers shaped like propellars to drive turbines that create electricity , then we would be free of utility bills forever. and peace will guide the planet


This is a great idea. I am wondering if you are planning any more fasts for causes? I would be interested in finding out more and joining you on a fast.

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