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Thanks for the support

The team on the ground in Chad and their families in United States really appreciate all the support you’ve shown us. On behalf of everyone, thank you for staying in touch and offering your help to bring Gabriel, Katie-Jay, Joshua and Jeremiah home. More furious fighting has just broken out, and it’s not certain that they can be evacuated if the fighting continues.

We urge everyone to click on the two links provided here. One is for the US Senators and the other is for the House of Representatives. Please ask both the senators and the representatives that you contact to put pressure on the Department of State. They have promised to help get the team protection but please continue to contact the congressmen asking them to follow through until the they are in safe hands.

Click here for Senators and click here for Representatives

I think it is important that we remember our friends that are in the camps without protection in a time like this. It takes us all a bit closer to what its like to live in fear without help on in the way. Lets all work together to get our ground team home, then harder than ever for the refugees because this is their reality everyday.

Sending Love and Hope,
Tiffany Wheeler

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I posted this on the KTJ blog. I have called the emergency number for the US State Department, 1-202-647-4000.

They are aware that the team is in the hotel and felt that it was the safest place for them and are requesting that all Americans stay inside, including Embassy personnel. Somehow I felt that this was a good party line as I reminded her that the bullets were flying in the hotel as well. She immediately got me off the line by telling me she had an emergency conference call.

I believe that they are completely ingrounded and in as much chaos as the streets of Chad. I urge all to call this number if you have not done so already and make your pleas to get the team out of Chad.
I hope this helps,
Mimi Schiff

Hi! I posted your entry on the site for more to have the State Department number and know what info they’ve shared with you. Thanks. ~ Lisa

Kendal and I have called this number and finally got a hold of someone. They are aware of the situation doing what they can. We also wrote our Oregon Senators and Congressman in hopes that they can put some pressure of the state department to help get Gabriel, Katie-Jay, Joshua and Jeremiah out of Chad and back home quickly.

Take care guys – be safe.

–Dan and Kendal

Hi Dan and Kendal,
Please also look in the Oregonian for a news piece- they tell me they are writing one.
Kathleen Scott

Yes, we talked with the Oregonion last night and they said that they were running a story in the Sunday paper. They told us that you had called them. :)

We also talked with one of the the local television stations and although we didn’t see it, KATU said they had shown this story on their 11 o’clock news. Nothing on their web site (they said that their we people went home). I did see Gabriel mentioned on a report on KGW’s web site – another local television station, but I do not know if they covered it on their 11 o’clock news.

Hang in there. KTJ is a smart cookie and she will be home safe and sound soon.

–Dan and Kendal

KTJ, it’s wonderful you can draw such parallels between what you’re huddled in the midst of at the hotel and what you took away from the camps in your memories. Do try to join in the innocent laughter of those children, which can bolster morale. Letters, phone calls, blogs, op-eds are flying all over the global community you’ve touched. Squeeze in just a bit of rest to stay your strongest. We’d understand if you felt compelled to sleep with one eye open! Big hugs for all our heroes!

Sleepless in San Antonio,

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