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A bullet came through the door to the dining room and hit high in a wall.  I have no idea where it came from, since we have the river in front of us.  We again moved in to the kitchen area.  Yesterday it was mostly foreigners gathered here in kitchen; now it’s mostly Chadians with us.   Gabriel 

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Question of confusion here. What is the relationship between the rebels and Sudan? the news keeps saying they are supporting them. What is Sudan’s motivation here? What are the implications if the Rebels do take control for the camps in Eastern Chad? Are these Arab tribal groups?


KTJ, Gabriel, and all,
I just called this number 1-202-647-4000. This is the crisis line for the US state department. I gave them your names and asked why you have not been evacuated and the French are gone. They discussed a crisis mode and the streets not being safe, when I told them that the Embassy told you to make your own way to the Embassy, they had no answer. They stated that they are aware that you are there “We are in a crisis mode, and they need to be there to keep safe, Blah Blah Blah, ” Then said she was getting a conference call and needed to take the call. Please have all call this number more times a day and bother them. They truly sounded less than centered and not on top of what they are going to do. We are going to have to continue pushing for your immediate evacuation. There are no flights going in or out of Chad at this time. My prayers and more prayers are with you.
Mimi Schiff

You keep your head down out there and hug the floor. Not all of us are sleeping and we are doing everything we can to get you home.

More spiritual then religious, but none the less this quote has helped me through.

“And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”

There is no such thing as a atheist in a fox hole.

Corey Dragge

Gabriel and KTJ,
Where did the other “foreigners” go? It is amazing to me you still have this internet connection, thank the heavens. It sounds like you are still receiving from all of us and now the sun is up for you. But stay in the kitchen!
Keep your reports coming, I am in touch with Javier,

I am sure that someone else has already done this, but I just e-mailed Adam Sterling at Genocide Intervention Network. I am also sure that he knows what is going on with you, yet I proceeded to request that he contact those he knows, such as John Prendergast and others that were at the first Camp Darfur to help. I go through my day always with all of you in my mind wondering what is progressing, and thinking of the situation.
Perhaps we can all coordinate our efforts to find out the best and most impactful phone numbers to use, people to contact, etc/ I would appreciate other numbers to call or information.
Mimi Schiff

Hi Mimi,
Thanks for the support, Adam Sterling is in the loop and JP is already working his contacts also.
Teresa (Gabe’s sister)

We called the state dept. and they said that they are very aware of your situation and are doing what they can to get you out soon. Hang in there. We have been praying for you all day. Keep you head down and stay safe.
Love you,
–Dan, Kendy and Irem

To all of you there keep safe and our thoughts are with you. I admit I didnt know anything of this situation until I saw it on the news about 20 mins ago. I watched the youtube footage you postage and my heart was pounding and I became worried for all your safety.

I am spreading the word here and letting more people know what is happening.

take care and be safe

Gabriel and KTJ,
We are always thinking of you here and hope you are safe. I admire eveything you have done for the people of darfur, and I hope that you never lose hope for a brighter future.

Be safe,

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