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Loving your comments.

Hello everyone:

A few times this long night, I have been stopping to read all of your comments. I truly feel a part of a large, loving community that has come together to try and do something for the displaced people of Darfur. We, here at the hotel, are so lucky that, in helping bring together this loving community, it has now joined in supporting us, as we get through this one.

Thank you for the amazing show of support. It is humbling. We do not have time to respond to each of your comments at this time, but we’ll get around to it soon.

The sun should be coming out soon, and I’m hoping that calm comes with it. We’ll be in touch!


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You are all in our prayers. I was watching the news tonight and deeply saddened by the incredible inattention paid to what is happening in Chad right now. It reminded me of Rwanda in many ways. In an interview with Dan Rather he talked about the cutbacks in Foreign news coverage and here is yet another example of it. It was NBC Nightly News…but the video was shot from Al Jezzera! Of course they could explain next to nothing and covered it for about 30 seconds before going back to the wall to wall coverage of Brittany Spears being committed!

I appreciate your news coverage and I will continue to seek out meaningful coverage to pass on.

Keeping you all in our prayers here in Oregon. Please email or call if there is anything you think we can do here.

Rob Hadley

RTJ, Gabriel, and all others;

My wife and I have been reading your blogs and watching your videos from Day 1 and I have to tell you we are in awe of your courage, strength, and commitment. As I write this I am at a lose for words. My wife runs in and tells me that not one of the local or national news stations is saying anything about it, I feel my shoulders drop.

I guess I should have expected this type of TIA kind of reaction, but none the less I have rolled up my sleeves and called three of the Las Vegas Valley’s News Stations asking them if they are covering this and if not why the F#@% not. I am not done with them by a long shot.

What you guys have accomplished and are going through right now is amazing. The world needs to know.

Take care of yourselves and each other, make it home, and know that before I pray for you all tonight I will be fighting for you all, your stories, the children, and the cause.

The time for complainants and whining is well past. Its time to roll up your sleeves and stop asking politely.

Our Love and Thanks,
Corey Dragge

Please don’t fret about getting out personal replies except to your families. The rest of us are so happy you’ve been able to keep the steady reports flowing, and even helping major news agencies get a share of coverage. You have a lot of competition for press attention with Super Bowl Sunday (no, I’m personally not a sports fan!), and the election campaign intensifying, but we’re all pushing for increased focus on your dangerous situation, and feel confident help will be there soon.

Hugs and prayers,


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