Reports from N'djamena

Before the light.

I walked around the kitchen area of the hotel, and the Chadian hotel staff that spent the night here (which is all that were here yesterday, since they cannot go home because of the dangers of the street) is waking up. They seem in such a good mood. Two of them come up to me and, in English, told me “Don’t worry, no more war.” They can only have heard this from their non-existent pillows, but I also believe that they have a feel for their country. They are getting ready to work, and that is just amazing. Yesterday, as I saw different staff around the hotel, I would ask how they were doing. They all said OK, and that all we can do is wait. They kept working to make our surreal stay more comfortable. Please keep them and other Chadians in your thoughts and prayers.


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Gabriel, you, your friends & all affected by this conflict in N’Djamena are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing with us a first hand observation of what is going on. I have a loved one who is there in the city with you and it is comforting to get frequent, real updates in a layperson’s perspective of what is happening.

Do hope that with the sunrise, an opportunity to evacuate comes as well. Stay safe.

Warm regards,

Gabe, I’m in a letter writing frenzy tonight to congressmen to put pressure on the Department of State in securing your safe return. Calls will follow tomorrow from here and from many other folks concerned about your plight.

All of you try to get some rest as you wait. I’m sure evacuation is near.

We’ve added the team to our parish prayer book . . . so many more will be praying for you.

Amor y paz,


Thanks for keeping us updated. My prayers are with you and all the others in danger in N’Djamena . A group of us in Austin, TX have been calling our representatives today, but if there is anything else we can do, please let us know.

Be safe,

Despite the worry and reality of what’s been going on, I’ve really enjoyed your blogs and the little stints of humor that has been expressed (cook still cooking, non-existent pillows talking to the staff). It is so powerful and comforting to be kept up to date and everyone involved in communicating has been remarkable. I feel a very strong connection to all the friends and family following your journey back. Please let Jeremiah and Josh know that their families are in constant communication with each other and visualizing a safe return for all of you. Jeremiah’s mom says to “keep your head low and your powder dry” (old WWII reference).

We will be anticipating your return,
Jessica and Boston Forest

Gabriel, it has been really tough to concentrate on completing the 56 pages of phone calls for Barack’s campaign, but I pereservered and completed 19 pages in 4 hours. 37 more pages to go before Tuesday’s primary. Now have caught up on your vidos, journals, and comments. Talked to people at the phone bank about you and your situation. In between contacted Boxer, Feinstein, & Herger and worked with the Record-Searchlight on a feature article for tomorrow’s edition. And I prayed! As you know from other comments, Redding is praying for you. We’ve contacted all of our member churches and they will be offering up prayers for you, the I-Act team, and the people of Darfur and Chad. As so many have said, keep your head down. We need your inspirational leadership. And keep the journals coming. Love from all of us. Marv

Dear Gabriel,
I will be calling the State Department and the Embassy today. It is mind boggling that you are still there and the Embassy wants you to make your own way to them.
Words cannot truly convey the feelings in my heart and how much I pray for all of you to come home safely.
I will aslo be calling the Senators .
Peace and calmess follow you and allow you to be evacuated/
Mimi Schiff.

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