Reports from N'djamena

It has started.

Fighting has broken out in Chad’s capital, N’Djamena.  We can hear and feel the explosions, since the Presidential Palace is very near.  I came out to the lobby to see what was happening this morning because we were getting phone calls with people talking in French or asking for someone that was not in our room.  Out in the lobby I could immediately hear the explosions, and the EU soldiers were all hurrying outside.  Some jumped on a truck and left; the others walked around the hotel with a very intense look in their faces.

We received a note through e-mail from the US Embassy telling us to go there for evacuation, but there is no way to get there!  I called, and the person that answered instructed us to come to lobby and wait for call.

We’re waiting.  I’m going to go grab some caffeine now, and we’ll be in touch!



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Hey Javi,

Acabo de hablar con el y es increible como se escuchaban los balazos…creo que esta noche nos quedamos frente a nuestras computadoras.

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