Reports from N'djamena

Getting Louder and Closer.

The US Embassy has told me that they cannot come and get us, so we have to wait it out here.  The sounds and feel of fighting is louder and closer.  The walls and windows here shake, and we can feel the explosions.

OK, fighting is right at the gate of the hotel.  We’re all in the dinning area.  There are a handful of EU soldiers around, but we are still hoping that there is nothing in this hotel that the rebels want, which I’m sure is the case.  They want to take the palace, and the palace is just down the street.



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Sera mejor que trates de esconder tu equipo? (camaras, computadoras) Hay alguna persona del hotel o talvez soldados encargados de aconsejar a todos ustedes?

I spoke with someone at the US Embassy in N’Djamena, and he said that French soldiers are protecting Le Meridien Chari. Is that where you are? He said that he understood that everyone was safe.

Hello everybody,

Gabriel’s family is in contact with the U.S. Embassy. Below is message we got from embassy.

— there is shooting on the streets, but the two fighting groups are not interested in anyone outside of their two groups. he said that as long as people stay inside, they should be alright. they are arranging for a second non-commercial flight out. they are asking french soldiers to tell americans where they should go to for pick ups (but these wont happen until the bullets stop)

We also received a message from Gabriel and at this moment they are all fine.

Thanks for your prayers and your concern.


Thank you for the update, My prayers are with Gabriel, KTJ, the team and the families waiting for them to get on a plane. Please continue to update on the situation and where they all are.
Mimi Schiff

All of us on the homefront are encircling you with good thoughts and prayers for your safe return. Your job, now, is to stay huddled where you are, go quickly when there’s clearance, and get home to your families. Enough adventure for this trip!

Hugs from home for all of you,


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