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KTJ Answering Comments, 19 Jan 08

Hola Mimi (Stauring)!
I love my first trip to the camps! The last two days have been amazing and I can’t wait to return tomorrow! If I learn any new games out here I will be sure to share them when I return!

Greetings Djata!
And welcome to the team for your first i-ACT! In the camp we are currently visiting outside of Guereda, the overall feeling is settlement. The refugees have been here anywhere between 2 and 5 years. Although each one we speak to says they would like to return home when it is safe, they are also building more mud-brick structures to make their stay more comfortable. Since Kounoungo has not had any new arrivals for some time now, I expect this story to be different in every camp we visit, as the overall number of refugees continues to increase, albeit slowly. Gabriel has just finished a Macy video and we will begin to show it starting tomorrow and then for the rest of the trip! I think he plans on uploading it to the website soon – uploading tends to be rather slow from out here. I am excited to share this experience with you in March – can’t wait for the entire crew to meet our friends out here!

Hey Shauna!
It’s great to meet you and I am so excited that Tiffany has invited you to join our community! Thanks for spreading the word and for your support!

Greetings Tiffany!
I am slowly learning more and more about the mac…you would be impressed…I am trying to stay organized on this new computer but the save as funcation is not the same! I almost the word doc with all of today’s comments – but since I am now a tech … is not the right word….novice (?) I found it in the trash bucket! How convenient! Today I played hand games with a group of young children and it seemed like almost everything around me disappeared! Stay tuned!

To my cuz Isaac!
Thank you Thank you Thank you! Today I saw mountains in the distance with the colors that you and I are so familiar with – reds, golds, deep browns, and almost black! The landscape and the people are beautiful – keep on sharing the story!

Hola Zahara!
We will keep you updated with video and the blogs but there is so much more to share! We will be sure to ask Connie’s questions of Yakoub tomorrow!

Hola Gabo! Today I played with a group of young children in the schoolyard. I taught them to High Five! We have video – it probably won’t make it in to our short clip from today but I will show you when we return- the activity was inspired by you! Ashis also says hi and asked about you when we were in N’Djamena!

Hi Gayle!
It has sure helped things to have Gabriel’s previous trips under his belt. It is wonderful to see him reunite with those who I have only watched on video up until now. I will continue to transform my experience and bring it back to you and your community (Ned and beyond!)

Greetings Connie!
Today Kounoungo (and Guereda) are not too hot, which is nice! There was some wind this morning at the UN compound and then out in Kounoungo as we walked through the school! We will be sure to ask Yakoub your questions tomorrow when we see him for the last day in Kounoungo before heading to our next camp! Overall, it seems that people are settling in. That is to say, they are building more permanent structures, more than in the past. I have seem several water stations and we met briefly with the sanitation committee, of course made up mostly of women! More smiles to come!

Familia Stauring (and any confused persons – haha)!!
No monkeys where I am in Guereda (Chadian town near camp Kounougo) – although today I saw several herds of goats and cows – two of whom were butting heads in what looked like a game – and camels! But, no monkeys ☺ Josh and Jeremiah arrived in N’Djamena on the 17th and will join Gabriel and I in Abeche on Tuesday (Day 5 of i-ACT)!

Hey Nikki!
Thanks for your support and I can’t wait to hear any reflections you might want to post!

JC – No dreams from the river Cheri for me but last night was the first time I dreamt in a while and it felt good – I can’t share it, however, as I never really remember it all! I will let you know when I have a good one though! I am just glad that the malaria meds aren’t having any side effects!

Andrea and Andy!
I am so glad you all are joining me on this journey! Thanks for sharing the link and spreading the word! Hold down the fort in NoPo, it won’t be too long before I come home!

Shiroma, mon cheri!
I LOVE YOU! I will wear the head scarf from Thailand again soon just for you! This morning I had a hard boiled egg and the peeling of the shell was reminiscent of the deviled egg fiasco at Thanksgiving – it made me chuckle if nothing else! I hope you watched the video today if not I know you will catch up when you get a break from work! Hey – let me know when the party is so I can send you something special via email for it!

Thank you everyone for staying with Gabriel and I (and soon Josh & Jeremiah!) as we travel to meet our friends out here! We have had many amazing conversations and just simply holding hands with a child brings a smile to my face!

Paz, KTJ

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