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Gabriel Answering Comments—Jan 18

Hello Cynthia!
Yes, I’m very much looking forward to coming to Atlanta. Yes, we will do all that we can to say safe, given the situation in the area. When we got off of the plane here in Guereda, the pilot told us, “You’ve been given a security briefing, right? You know how bad this area is?” We do know. It has been the center of a lot of confrontations. UNHCR is very good about keeping their eyes and ears open and keeping staying in close communication with everyone in the field. I feel relatively safe, but there is a heavy military presence in this small town, so there must be some anxiety in the air from the local authorities. I know that I always feel very safe at the camps, so I’m looking forward to my time there. Hablamos pronto, amiga Cynthia.

Hello Mimi S!
From that first Camp Darfur in Los Angeles, in which you spent the whole five days with me, camping under the non-stop incoming jets, you have been a friend and companion on this movement to help Darfur. Yes, we have to bring Camp Darfur to Colorado. Let me know how I can help to make it happen.

Hi Ginny,
I’m also looking forward to the conference call. We’ll set it up for a day when we’re in Camp Farchana, which is the camp with which we will connect the Student Task Force with. Before we get to Farchana, we’ll be in Kounoungo and Djabal, and the first day of i-ACT4 videos start tomorrow, so please tell all your STF friends to get involved in the actions. See you soon!


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