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KTJ Answering Comments, 18 Jan 08

Shiroma, my sista!!!
Have a nice glass of Oregon pinot for me! If Jeff is attending, ask him to provide homemade hummus and deviled eggs! Haha! I was so excited to see your comment and was thinking of you just yesterday! I have heard that the roads have been icy, and yes, I brought sunblock, and ALOE – since I always seem to forget the first step in protecting my skin! Thanks for all your support and opening your heart and home to this experience!

Greetings Mimi Schiff!
Thank you for your kind words about my journals – I am glad that you feel as if you are on this journey with Gabriel and I because you are!

Hi Cynthia!
I have heard of the contraband s’mores and look forward to a meeting soon!

To my cuz Isaac!
Glad to hear you made it home safely – say hi to Shari and Emily! You made it out of Portland just in time, I hear its super icy and I am sure all buses out of the city have been delayed! Thanks for keeping in touch.

Heather, mon amie!
Are you back in Portland? Did I ever put you in touch with Lola? You are just concluding your travels as I begin mine, glad that you have joined me on this journey! Your positive energy reaches me even thousands of miles away! I will check my email this evening, we only connect for a few moments, and I look forward to your thoughts and love!

Hola Connie!
The first time I met you was through your own writing for i-ACT in July 2007 and I can remember the same feeling. I am so lucky to have become part of this team and community. Thank you for your encouraging words and support! I will be sure to pass on your love and hopes for 2008!

As my dear friend Heather says,
Peace and Positivity!

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You are truly an inspiration. Although we did not make it to wish you off, Andy and I are watching here in NoPo and thinking about you. I have shared your story (and web sites) with a lot of people here. You are in our thoughts. Thank you for being so amazing!

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